The Writers

Dahlia Belinsky
Beatrice Broderick-Auger
Elise Favis
Jonathan Feist
Gabriel Gilker
Alexandra Giubelli
Erica Guth
Jennifer Hughes
Maya Malkin
Kadina McKenzie
Carl Perks
Rebecca Phaneuf-Thibault
Katrina Tortorici

2 responses to “The Writers

  1. Paul Serralheiro

    On-line edition looks good.

    You guys have to correct the spelling of Christopher Sammons’ name:

    It’s not “Christoper.”

  2. Hello writers!

    Many of my friends went to Dawson and they told me to contact you as I co created this crazy racing/fundraiser event that is open to anyone 16 and older called Spartan Race. Its 5k obstacle running course with spear throw, fire jump, cargo net climbs, mud crawls even running [ast giant spartan gladiators with dueling sticks and so much more, with post race beach party. Crazy Fun!

    I want to invite Dawson (as other schools have started putting huge teams together) to get the students involved and put their teams together. If you want to earn comission off sales, then i can give you a team promo code and you can earn comission off your sales!
    Let me know.

    Selica Sevigny
    Co-Founder and Race Dircetor

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