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A modern twist on a Shakespearean classic

Measure for Measure plays at McGill’s Moyse Hall Theatre

theatre review by erica guth

Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure played by McGill University students debuted last Wednesday, and, despite the thick dialogue, the modern twist on the classic was expertly pulled off by a great team of actors and crew.

Measure for Measure is the story of the Duke of Vienna who temporarily gives up his position to Lord Angelo, who is a stern leader with a strong sense of morality. Angelo decides that he needs to clean up the city by shutting down the brothels. He also decides to make an example of Claudio, a man who impregnated his fiancée before they got married.

The story unfolds with many dramatic twists and turns as Claudio’s sister, Julietta, faces a moral dilemma as she attempts to convince Angelo that her brother is not to be harmed.

The production of the play was extremely refreshing, because the crew managed to make Shakespeare modern, but not corny, which is what often happens in that sort of adaptations.

However, the dialogue was not adapted, and the intricacies of the language made it so true Shakespeare that fans could truly stay focused the entire play, because it became very tedious.

Thea Fitz-James as Lucio and Ben Hanff as Pompey stole the show. Neither of them were in leading roles, but as soon as they got on stage, they were in the spotlight.

Fitz-James was enchanting as Lucio. She was hilariously ironic in the role of Claudio’s hedonistic happy-go-lucky friend. Everything about her, including her costume, her use of the space, and her ability to play a man while retaining her feminine qualities, which made it all the more realistic, was entrancing.

As for Hanff, he is a master of witty banter. He managed to make the language seem natural and not at all stiff, which is very difficult to do. He played the role of the lovable rogue perfectly.

Kate Sketchley, as Isabella, also played her role solidly, although there was nothing outstanding about it. She was a good actress who mastered her many long monologues, but she wasn’t outstanding.

Spencer Malthouse, who played the role of the Duke, was very engaging. He made a good Duke, but he really hit his stride when he disguised himself as a friar to watch over Lord Angelo. He was hilariously over-the-top ridiculous.
Julietta and Claudio (played by Emma Fiske-Dobell and Charles Dauphinais) were both solid.

Finally, Angelo, played by Mike Ruderman, was perfectly evil. Ruderman did a great job in portraying his morally rigid yet corrupt character. By the end of the play, he was despicable and hated by everyone, which is a major success for an actor playing a villain.

The set design was perfect, – sparce, which kept the focus on the rich language and the costumes – but with many great little touches, including the set up of the press conference, complete with TV cameras. They managed to not go overboard in trying to make the overall look of the play too modern by throwing in little hints and ironic pieces here and there.

The costumes were also very good, most of them fairly simple, but again managing to throw in little funny twists on the original story.

McGill theatre put on a great rendition of Measure for Measure, but it would be best to go and read the play before going to see it, because the rich text makes it hard to sit through, despite the many talented actors.

The show will run from Nov. 25 to 27, at the Moyse Hall Theatre, 853 Sherbrooke St. West. General admission is $10.00, $5.00 for students and seniors.

Welcome to the P-Wing

School’s in at the AMC

By Elise Favis

Due to the large influx of 300 additional students, Dawson has rented the fourth floor of the Pepsi Forum, which now serves as nine classes and two computer labs for the school. The college itself is more crowded than ever before in its history, leaving new students overwhelmed and hallways packed.

“Our department was given a mandate to find additional space for students,” said Jorge Sanchez of Plant and Facilities, Coordinator of Auxiliary Services. “Of the options that were available, the Pepsi Forum became the best choice, taking into account the short time to build the classrooms, the rental cost and the location.” Because of demographics and higher student interest in post-secondary education, there was a 17. 2% spike in English CEGEP applicants this past year. Quality students were being rejected due to lack of space in crowded colleges such as Dawson, Vanier and John Abbott.

The Ministry of Education requested that the CEGEPs accept beyond their capacity, and injected a $1 million financial aid to some of the English-speaking CEGEPs.The area in the Pepsi Forum is referred to as the P Wing, and is of short proximity from the college. It is open during normal school hours: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., every day so students can attend their classes. The space is mostly filled with first-year students. Even with the additional space, Dawson still suffers from overpopulation.

Although this phenomenon is not new, the issue seems to grow worse each year. During the first couple weeks, line-ups for the bookstore, course change, and OPUS card renewals have been filled with frustrated students who have waited for hours at a time. OPUS was only offered in-school through Sept. 1, 2 and 3. “I have been waiting for an hour and a half,” Kateryna Gusakov, first semester Nursing student said, “I’ve been trying to come by the past two days, but I had class.”

The Dawson Student Union (DSU) recognizes the positives and negatives of the growing population, and has been taking initiative on the subject.“The overcrowding during course change, STM lines and around the escalators is absurd,” said Ariel Charney, DSU chairperson. “[It is] an issue the DSU executive has addressed repeated. Our theme for orientation this year was ‘Student Power’ and the reasons we chose this was to remind us all that students are the greatest catalyst for positive social change.”

Dawson College is a heritage building, and Westmount by-laws limit the administration’s ability to build extra space internally. The only solution possible was to find an external space off-campus for students. Both the Pepsi Forum and Alexis Nihon were proposed.The area still smells of fresh paint and has minor ongoing maintenance, such as fixing up baseboards, adding podiums in classes and setting up lounges for students and teachers alike. All technical necessities have been put into place, including projectors and computers. The colour scheme and furniture is identical to those in Dawson College classrooms.

“Besides the walk here, you can’t really tell you’re in a different institution,” said History teacher Nancy Rebelo, who teaches in the Forum, “I think it kind of prepares students to go into different locations before their university studies,” added Rebelo, “I told them they have to be here. I think 15 minutes is ample time. If I can get here in 15 minutes they can too.”

Although some students are amenable to the circumstances, others find the transit time too tight and have concerns about how they will manage in the winter.“I have one class in the Forum, and a class in the college right after. So if the class finishes late, it’s not really fair for the teacher to be disrupted by me coming in late,” Kristen Drummond, third semester North South Studies student said.

She feels that it’s not fair for her either because she feels she’s missing out on class time. “The assumption is that the majority will graduate two to three years from now,” Sanchez explained, “If the same situation [repeats] itself next year, say another 300 students, we’d need something beyond there also.”

Media Night film revisits

Dawson shows 20 previous Cincom videos at screening

by Anna Frey

Staff and students were invited to a screening of last semester’s Media Night short films on Thursday, April 29. Although few took advantage of this cultural activity, those who did were pleasantly surprised.

The event featured over 20 projects from second, third and fourth-semester Cincom students, with styles ranging from documentaries to straightforward narratives, to more experimental works.

The topics of the films were varied and offered a glimpse into the range of personalities and interests of the students who created them.

There were documentaries on safe-injection sites and magicians to shorts featuring talking dogs and promiscuous girls.

The opening segment featured documentaries produced in collaboration with the National Film Board of Canada.

“It’s a big honour because they’re basically of professional quality,” event organiser John Connolly said.

While the majority of films were created without such prestigious backing, each one of them stood out.

“It’s exhilarating to see what 17 – 18-year-olds can do,” Connolly said.

Media Night is always a large event held in Dawson’s theatre and often attracts a lot of viewers. This recap was much less well attended.

“It’s hard to get the word out, especially during the third-to-last week of school,” Connolly commented about the lack of audience members.

Matthew Mancini, a second semester Literature student, lamented the timing of these festival events.

“I would have loved to watch the films presented, but I had class at that time. These events are difficult to attend because they’re right in the middle of when we have the most work to do.”

Media Night is held at the end of each term.

“It’s a pretty good overview of what happens during the term,” Connolly said.

Weird sport of the week

True love is tested where man and woman struggle physically to win a race together…literally

by Chloe Nudo

It’s said that love can move mountains, or make you do crazy things and this week’s weird sport is one of those crazy lovers games where man and woman race together, with the woman on the man’s back.

The origin of this sport comes from Finland, back in the day men would choose their wives by running to their village, picking them up, and carrying them off. Now although this is seen as somewhat of a joke, the sport is taken very seriously as it has a committee, the IWCCR (International Wife Carrying Competition Rules Committee), which creates rules as times change.

Now the rules needed changing as when this sport started it was set in more of an outdoor and natural terrain track but now the tracks can be man-made as long as they meet the requirements.

The rules about the length of track are simple, the track must be 253.5 meters. It must have two dry obstacles and a water obstacle, about one meter deep.
There are two positions that competitors can race: the wives can be carried in a Piggy-Back style, the classic ride or Estonian-style the more complex but preferred style. This position is when the husband put his wife on his back upside down so that her legs wrap around his neck and her arms around his waist.

When it comes to the wife to be carried, it could be your own, the neighbor’s, or you could find one but she must be over 17 years old. Also you can’t carry twigs, the minimum weight of the wife to be carried is 49 kilograms, which is roughly 110 pounds. If she is less than 49 kg, the wife will have to carry a rucksack containing additional weight so she can reach the minimum of 49 kg.

Now for the husband’s all they can have as equipment is a belt that the woman can hold on to depending on her position of choice. The contest is done two couples at a time so each heat is a contest in itself. To enter there is 50 euro fee. However there are other winners too, Most Entertaining Couple, Best Costume, and Strongest Carrier who get special prizes. The winners in the World Championship of the race are determined by the couple who completes the course in the shortest time and the grand prize, you win your wife’s weight in beer.

If you want to see some of the races check out,

Dawson’s Great Ones

Marie Philip Poulin and Catherine Ward have their Dawson numbers retired

By Alexandra Giubelli

The two players from Team Canada Women’s hockey team honoured forever by Dawson College.

A large amount of students gathered in the lower atrium last Thursday to honour former Dawson students Marie-Philip Poulin and Catherine Ward for their gold medal in Ice Hockey at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver.

The atmosphere was electric as students were signing along to Journey’s “Don’t stop believing”, before the event took place. The two athletes finally appeared to the screams and cheers of a very anticipated and excited crowd.

Initially intimidated by their loud welcome, Poulin and Ward shyly waved hands and gave nervous smiles, holding their gold medal close to them while Paul Rastelli, Coordinator of Students Services and the coach for the AA Women’s hockey team, gave a small speech about the ex-students. Catherine Ward led the Lady Blues to their first playoffs appearence and Marie-Philip Poulin led the Lady Blues to their second consecutive undefeated season.

Once the short speeches concluded, the two players revealed their retired numbers which will be place in the gymnasium.

“The number 10 and 17 are [forever] retired at Dawson,” proclamed Rastelli as the crowd applauded the hockey stars.

After the brief ceremony, the two players moved to the Dawson Theatre for a short question and answer session which held  for both the audiance as well as the gold medalists.

The question and answer session begun with a video of team Canada which was followed by a slide show of pictures that covered the Women’s hockey team throughout the entire tournament.

The audience applauded as Ward was asked her first question of the day. What is the taste of scoring goal?

“It’s pretty good, it taste’s great. We’re still on a cloud and it’s been a month now,” she answered as she played with her gold medal.

Lady Blues Head Coach, Scott Lambton, joined the two medalists on the stage. He told the crowd about his first encounter with the two athletes,  telling stories that made him, Poulin and Ward emotional.

“We made a deal, Marie and I, that would retire her jersey number if she scored the winning goal in the Olympics. She laughed at first, but I knew she could do it,” said Lambton at the end of speech, looking proud of his players.

The session went in another direction as Rastelli did his own impersonation of Micheal Landsberg from TSN’s show Off the record, as he asked Poulin and

Ward different questions where if they didn’t want to answer they could say next question or pass it offf to the other one.

What are you nicknames on team Canada?

“I’m Wardo. Oh and Marie we call her Pou.” Said Ward, sharing a laugh with the audience as she looked more relaxed.

Did you encounter any celebrities?
“Marie Philip Poulin!” Ward joked, as the crowd laughed once again.

The questions became more serious as the two athletes were asked about the post-game celebration on the ice that created controversy, and also about the lack of competition in the women’s league.

“What can we say? We won the goald medal. We apologised, but still we did what a normal human being would do if they would win a gold medal at an Olympic game,” said Poulin about their celebartion, “The next day, we all met and organized a press conference. They told me what I should say. but don’tworry I really meant it!”

The athletes then spoke about the lack of competition in the womens leagues.

“We would like the sport to grow faster, but we can’t do anything about it. While Canada and the Usare getting better, the other teams are still growing. It was the same thing a few years ago in men’hockey. It was Canada against Russia.” Ward explained.

To close the session, two big frames were brought on stage with their Dawson jerseys in them as flowers were given to them.

The two athletes took pictures with staff and students, even letting them take their medals to pose with.

Poulin said she didn’t have any specific idea for what she’ll do next as Ward explained that she will be  leaving soon for China.

Questions? Leave it To The Skanks!

Dear Skanks,
I love giving bj’s, but the guys always cum really early, what can I do?
Supahead/Social Science/5th semester

Dear Supahead,
What can you do? Are you serious?! Child, you’re officially the baddest bitch at Dawson. You should write a book, give courses, make videos and appear on Tyra Banks. You’re not the problem, those guys are. You obviously have skills and should continue putting them to good use. Just pick better guys who can hold in their junk. And bitch please write that book!
Xxx Skanks.

Dear Skanks,
If I have sex in a cold environment, will the condom freeze inside me?
Ice-Cold-Bitch/ second semester/Health Science

Dear Ice-Cold-Bitch,
*Sigh, where do I start with this? Well first, no the condom won’t freeze because it’s made of latex. Second, how stupid are you for asking this question? And third, I like yo swag! Having sex outdoors is pretty adventurous. Here I thought Dawson students were too busy having sex at school, but your definetely a trend setter. The heat of your hot bodies with the cold air. Hot!
Xxx Skanks.

Dear Skanks,
I met this guy at a club three weeks ago and we hooked up, but now I’m really crushing on him. Should I call?
Ms. Desperation/third semester /Social Sciences

Dear Ms. Desperation,
Aww I feel bad for you because the fact that you’re thinking of calling him lets me know that you’re psychotic. It’s a one night stand because you guys aren’t ever supposed to hook up afterwards.  EVER! That’s against nature, infact i’m sure in the sluttiest of sub-cultures that’s ILLEGAL. If you call, you’ll just embarrass yourself. If he was into you, he would’ve called. Lesson to girls and gay guys: Don’t call after a one night stand!
Xxx Skanks

Dear Skanks
My boyfriend asks me to call him “Daddy” is it weird?
Daddy’s little girl/second  semester /Arts and Culture

Dear Daddy’s little girl
Yes it is. Really weird! I’m guessing your boyfriend has some control issue. He was probably abused in someway as a chil and now needs you to validate him and make him feel like a man. But really, if this isn’t the case then maybe he’s just into some good-old fashioned role playing. Ain’t nothing wrong with a little student/teacher and incest role playing. You should swallow your pride (and his load) and try it out. If it gets too creepy, then run.
Xxx Skanks