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Dawson Defeat Nomads

Blues start off slow, rally later to earn a comeback victory

By Carl Perks

Last Friday, the Dawson AAA basketball team defeated the Montmorency Nomads with a tight 71 to 60. The game was played on Dawson grounds, which at first did not give the Blues any advantage, forcing them to put in better players and effort into the third quarter.

‘‘We started the game pretty slow. That helped them maintain their advantage against us in our home gym. After the second half we made a few adjustments in the locker room and placed probably one of our best scoring outputs in the third quarter,” said Peter Walcott, assistant coach for the team.

Dawson’s team knew that Montmorency would be stiff competition. The head coach, Wayne Yearwood, predicted: ‘‘they are a good team: they are going to put on a lot of pressure, they are going to run up and down, they are going to shoot a lot of threes.”

One of the captains of the team, Christopher Joseph, claims that the opposite team’s technique was counteracted by sheer desire for victory: ‘‘They played alright but they still have work to do, the same way that we have work to do. We just figured that we have to get in and that we have to want it more than they do. And in the end, we pretty much wanted it more.’’

Walcott, on the other hand, believes that it is practice and skill that defeated the Nomads: ‘‘We pressured them well: we are just as aggressive as they are. We got to meet their aggressiveness with our own aggressiveness, if we didn’t, they would have that over us. But everything we did well was what we practiced all week and it showed in the third quarter.’’

Montmorency are known for their hostility and as Yearwood predicted for his team, the Blues counteracted with a great defence. Joseph explains: ‘‘We did pretty good. We played allot of defence. You need defence in these games.’’


Blues fight hard, fall short in OT

Photo by Corado Burcus

Dawson’s AA Women’s hockey team lose in their final game before the winter break

By Chris Pike

The AA women’s hockey team lost last Saturday against the Limoilou Titans by a score of 2-1.

The game remained rather close through all three periods as Gabrielle Davidson scored the one goal for the Blues off a nice pass by Katia Murray.

The Blues took the game into overtime, but the Titans goalie Joannie Lebrun, was too much for Dawson as she managed to hold off any attempts made on her net.

Three minutes in the extra frame Limoilou managed to sneak one past Dawson’s netminder Melanie Fournier to win the game.

Dawson enters the winter break sitting comfortably in third place with a record of 8-4-1.

The Blues resume their season against Cégep Saint Laurent on Sunday Jan 16.

Crazy Sport of the Week:Buzkashi!


Afghanistan’s national sport has it all, flags, horses and a beheaded, partly dismembered, frozen and then thawed calf carcass

By Carl Perks

Polo players should saddle off their high horse and go take a nap. Not only is Buzkashi the Godzilla to its cowering little Japanese businessman, the technical proficiency and equestrian mastery required to play puts competitors in other popular saddle sports to shame.

Maliciously confirming every single negative stereotype about Arabian culture, two mounted teams of drape-clad riders fend off opponents’ boot kicks and whip lashes in attempt to restle a beheaded, partly dismembered, frozen and then thawed calf carcass to a flag, from which they throw it into a tub called the ‘‘Circle of Justice’’ to score points to the many cheers of a fully male audience.
PETA is probably present somewhere under the stands, sobbing and biting their nails to the cuticles.

I firmly believe that the lack of women in the crowd is principally due to a fulfilment of a deep rooted need for demonstrating testosterone levels before it is of any religious attendance restrictions.

Being the national sport of Afghanistan, players but an extravagant amount of training into Buzkashi: players train all year, for years, until they may become a master (called chapandaz). Most chapandaz are over forty years of age.

However, Buzkashi is not only played in Arab nations. China also participates in the sport. The Chinese have also put their own special spin on Buzkashi as they sometimes ride yaks instead of horses.

Unfortunately Buzkashi took a significant hit for a long time in Afghanistan as world renowned destroyers of anything fun, the Taliban, outlawed the game citing that it was uncivilized and immoral to practice it. Much to the joy of many people, when the Taliban regime was ousted, Buzkashi became acceptable again and has been continously growing in popularity ever since.

The horses used for the game also undergo rigorous training as they must learn to stay static when their master is being toppled over by another player and to gallop at full speed the second the athlete riding them has his hands on the calf. These horse can sell for up to 15 000 U.S. dollars.

Poorly reflecting on the variety of entertainment offered in the regions, games can go on for days until a certain point limit is reached, demonstrating the unworldly stamina of the draped athletes and their horses but also their severe determination to win an often meagre prize in goats and food.

You might remember Buzkashi from Rambo 3, where Stallone casually plays with his mujahideen friends when the game is interrupted by a sudden ambush from the Russian Army, don’t you hate when that happens?

The NFL season midpoint is upon us!

Get your mouth guard, your cleats and put on your tightest pants, it’s football time

By Oliver Nacey

After covering the AFC last week it is time to look at the evermore scandalous, unpredictable and outright confusing NFC.

NFC North
The Chicago Bears (7-3) lead the North after a 3-0 record in the division and wins in their last three games. The Bears have been great at winning tight games this season with solid defence from veteran linebacker Brian Urlacher and trade acquisition Julius Peppers. With consistent play from the offense to match that of the defence the Bears are solid playoff contenders.

The Green Bay Packers (7-3) are threatening Chicago for top spot in after winning four of six and only losing in overtime to Washington and Miami. Star quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been on fire, throwing for four TDs against division rivals Minnesota this week. With a great defence to match the Packers are seemingly locked for a playoff berth.

The Minnesota Vikings (3-7) have discovered what it’s like to rest a franchise’s playoff hopes on a veteran of 20 seasons at quarterback. Brett Favre has returned this season but has not been his usual Hall of Famer self throwing 17 interceptions and only 10 touchdown passes. It’s hard to see this team making the playoffs but they still have a lot of talent and experience.

The Detroit Lions (2-8) sit at the bottom of the division but have shown very positive signs after losing every game two seasons ago and only winning two last year. Sophomore quarterback Matthew Stafford played well to start the season but was knocked out by injury after three games and who knows what the Lions’ record would have been with him at the helm all season.

NFC East
The Philadelphia Eagles (7-3) have made coach Andy Reid look like a genius this season after he traded Donovan McNabb to the Redskins in the off season. It was a controversial move that sparked a massive quarterback debate in Philadelphia, but Michael Vick has stepped into McNabb’s shoes and subsequently disected opposing teams while raisng Superbowl hopes.

The New York Giants (6-4) have had an up and down season so far gaining a winning record while also suffering tough losses. After losing to the division rivals the  Cowboys and the Eagles in consecutive weeks a great 6-2 record has turned into a rather unimpressive 6-4 one. Eli Manning has been great however and the Giants are still well in the running.

The Washington Redskins (5-5) have had a tough season after gaining Donovan McNabb from Philadelphia in the offseason. They have however struggled and suffered a humiliating 59-28 loss to McNabbs old team two weeks ago. They still have talent however as their record shows and could win against any team in the league.

The Dallas Cowboys (3-7) will be hosting the Superbowl this year and were picked by many to be playing in it as well, but after a horrible start to the season that idea has quickly and painfully become near impossible. Their 1-7 start led to the firing of head coach Wade Phillips and since offensive coordinator Jason Garrett took the reins the Cowboys have been 2-0.

NFC South
The Atlanta Falcons (8-2) lead the South with a league best eight wins and 2-0 division record. Quarterback Matt Ryan and wide receiver Roddy White have been arguably the leagues best passing partnership while Atlanta’s defence has held off some of the leagues best offences. The Falcons are serious playoff contenders and perhaps the leagues best team.
The reigning Superbowl champion New Orleans Saints (7-3) have lost as many game this year as they did all of last season, but are still considered one of the leagues best teams and have won three straight. Last years MVP Drew Brees has been his usual self throwing for 22 TDs and 2969 yards. They may not be as perfect as last year but the Saints are still won of the best all-round teams in the NFL.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-3) sit in third place in the division despite their great record. Quarterback Josh Freeman and running back Legarrette Blount have been some of the bigger surprises in the league and have lead the Buccaneers to impressive wins. They have however lost important division games which could affect their playoff hopes.

The Carolina Panthers (1-9) are firmly planted at the bottom of one of the leagues best divisions after multiple injuries to their young team have led to a dismal record. Running backs Deangelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart as well as quarterback Jimmy Clausen have all been knocked out removing any hope of a winning season.

NFC West
The Seattle Seahawks (5-5) sit atop what is considered by most to be the worst division in the NFL and not without good reason either. Seattle is the only team with a positive record and they only sit at 5-5. After losing veteran wide receiver TJ Houshmandzadeh to the Ravens in the offseason the Seahawks have not been consistent but in the NFC West they’re, quite oddly, a favourite to win the division.

The St. Louis Rams (4-6) have played well this year, winning three more games at this point than all of last season. Strong play from running back Steven Jackson and rookie quarterback Sam Bradford supported by a defence that has held its own has lead to what could be considered a successful season so far. Regardless of their losing record the Rams still have a shot at the playoffs.

The San Francisco 49ers (3-7) have been one of the bigger disappointments this season after being touted as a playoff and maybe be even Superbowl contender. Quarterback Alex Smith has struggled despite having a good receiving corps and has handed off a lot of the offensive play to running back Frank Gore. It will require something magical for the 49ers to make the playoffs this year, but in the NFC West anything is possible.

After their star quarterback Kurt Warner retired after last season the Arizona Cardinals (3-7) have struggled to find consistency on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. Pro bowl wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald has had a tough season due to the Cardinals’ QB problems and has not been supported by a struggling defence. Many are considering this season a rebuilding stage for Arizona and a chance to find a franchise quarterback at next years draft.

At this point it is hard to know who will take the playoff spots but to wrap up here’s how I see the postseason shaping up:

After week 11 of the season the race for the playoffs is still up in the air and with the numerous trades, injuries and surprises this season has been an exciting one so far and it’s hard to see that changing over the second half.

Crazy Sport of the Week: Cockroach Spitting

There are no words to describe how disgusting this “sport” is

By Carl Perks

What carries over 40 human pathogens including Typhoid, Hepatitis and (yes my friends) the Plague, has six legs, survives nine days without its head until it dies of hunger and is spat out at competitive distances in a popular competition that started in Indiana?

Not only is spitting cockroaches a hobby for Guinness world record contenders, it’s a sport with senior women finals, scoreboards and all those elements that real games are comprised of. Though cockroach spitting contains all the components of a competitive sport, its status within athletic competition is dubious and disputable.

Invented by entomologist Tom Turpin of the Purdue University in Indiana, who is also known for developing cricket spitting, the emulous spitting of cockroaches was created for the University’s annual Bug Bowl, an event that draws in over 30,000 insect and sport enthusiasts every year.

In both versions of the athletic prowess that is the spitting of bugs, the crawler is frozen and thawed pre-spitting to prevent the taste of the ‘‘equipment’’ from impeding performance.

Though many universities have picked up spitting crickets over its socially-unacceptable bigger brother, the deceasing sport of roach spewing is still very present within the ranks of the oddballs that attempt world records within the files of Guinness.

The Guinness World Record’s record for the sport is not in synch with the Bug Bowl’s: though the famous database certifies that the furthest a cockroach has ever been spat is a very respectable 30 feet 1.2 inches away from the record-setter, the Bug Bowl’s scoreboard boasts an unworldly 39 feet 9.75 inches. These are still not up to par with the furthest ever spitting of saliva, which is recorded to be as far as 100 feet and four inches in distance.

There is not much more to say about the dying flame that is cockroach spitting. As to keep your mind tantalized with unorthodox facts, here is some useless yet non-the-less intriguing knowledge on cockroaches:

-They can survive nuclear radiation (as inaccurately depicted in the popular video game Fallout.)
-They can survive without air for almost 45 minutes, and almost a month without a head (due to the spiracles trachea through their skin and low blood pressure) if they don’t get infected and have eaten.

Quidditch anyone?

Eternal virgins stick twigs between their legs in this rendition of Harry Potter’s favorite sport

By Dahlia Belinsky

Nerdy boys and girls with a stick between their legs chasing someone dressed in gold. What more could a Harry Potter fan ask for?

On Nov. 13 and 14 the fourth annual Quidditch world cup was held at Dewitt Clinton Park in New York City.

The sport, originally from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, was adapted by Middlebury College in 2005. Due to its increasing popularity, the International Quidditch Association (IQA) was created to “develop the game and use it to inspire young people to lead more physically active and socially engaged lives,” according to IQA.

Muggle Quidditch is a co-ed sport, played by erecting three Hula Hoops on each side of field and uses dodge balls as quaffles and softer balls (like Nerf balls) for bludgers. The snitch is a neutral player dressed in gold that can roam all over the college’s campus.

Like regular Quidditch, there are three chasers, two beaters, and one keeper on each team. The chasers are responsible for scoring the quaffle through the opponent’s hoops for 10 points. When a beater hits a player with a bludger, they drop the quaffle and run back to their respective hoops.

Meanwhile, the keeper, as the name implies, must block the quaffles heading towards the hoops. The seeker must catch the snitch worth 150 points. When caught, it ends the game.

The players must constantly have a broom between their legs. The tournament is composed of 46 teams (mostly college and university teams) from both Canada and the United States. The schools include, Middlebury, Ryerson, Yale, and Montreal’s own McGill.

The event was free and open to the public. On top of being able to see every muggle’s favourite wizarding sport come to life, wizard rock band, Harry and the Potters, gave a free concert on Saturday night.

Middlebury college has never lost a game since the tournament started, seeing as this is the school where muggle Quidditch originated.

The sport itself is described as a mixture between, rugby, tag, dodgeball, football, and even basketball. The rulebook permits charging and tackling. On the first day of the tournament alone, approximately forty players were injured.

Dawson is still lacking a Quidditch team, but with 10, 000 students there must be at least 15 Harry Potter enthusiasts willing to play. Until then, students can wait ‘till they are in university to join the McGill Quidditch team.

Dawson’s own Women’s and Men’s Rugby Teams bring home the gold as regional champions


By Gabe Gilker

This past Sunday at the Concordia campus in NDG there was much celebration coming from Dawson’s Women’s rugby team as, teary-eyed, they took home gold in the championship along with becoming regional champions at the same time, destroying the John Abbot Islanders with a 22-8 win.

The game started at 12:00 p.m. and within the first 10 minutes Dawson’s own Kaylie Stuckey scored the first goal of the game, earning The Blues an early 3-0 lead over the Islanders.

“It was a slow first half, but we picked it up in the second half because we really wanted it” Alison Henstridge, third semester Cin/Vid/Com student and player said.

During the second half of the game the tension and intensity only grew as Dawson continued to score more points, and The Islanders tried in vain to stop the team.

Bianca Farella powered through the game, scoring a try, followed by a beautifully executed conversion kick, where the ball flew through the uprights effortlessly.

Kadina McKenzie followed Farella’s lead and brought in the big points for Dawson, pushing their score count even higher as she scored two tries in total. McKenzie also earned the team another two points on a penalty by running through their defence as they tried to defend their gold line, racking up a total of 13 points for the Blues within 10 minutes of the second half.

“I’m pretty proud, three years and three gold medals, I can’t really ask for more, I just can’t believe it’s over” team captain Chloe Nudo said, “We had a good team game. We worked our asses off this year and it showed in the finals because we wanted it more than them. This game we were calm, it was like a rollercoaster from calm to craziness, but in the end we kept our heads on and took home the championship.”

The Islanders started getting more aggressive as the game came closer to the end, and managed to move the ball toward the Dawson try-zone but thanks to the amazing defence John Abbott was not able to gain any more points.

The game came to an end and the Dawson Women’s Rugby team was awarded gold and regional champions. Their banner is now hanging proudly in the window of the sports club until it finds its permanent home down in the gym.

“We bond, we’re family. This is a family, and it’s hard to leave,” Henstridge said, “I’m pretty happy though, we worked hard all semester and now we got the medals.”


By Dahlia Belinsky

Dawson’s Men’s Rugby Team defeated John Abbott at the Concordia-Loyola field on Sunday with a score of 21-15 to become regional Champions.

“We started off a little bit rocky, but after the first 10 minutes there wasn’t a doubt in our minds that we were gonna win,” Caleb Jordan, who scored the first try, said.

Dawson kicked off the game with high intensity as they advanced on Abbott’s side of the field but only five minutes later, Abbott had forced their way to Dawson’s half of the terrain. Throughout the entire game, both teams were evenly matched as the ball was being thrown and kicked across both sides of the field.

Abbott’s swift and organized backs were still no match for Dawson’s forwards who stopped the Islanders at almost every breakaway they had.

Thirty minutes into the first half, Dawson was awarded a penalty kick taken by scrum-half and team captain, Mickey Moroz, giving Dawson an early lead of 3-0.

Not two minutes later, Abbott tied the game with a penalty kick of their own.

The Islanders were winning the majority of the scrums, but Dawson’s forward was still preventing Abbott’s back from gaining more yardage.

After a short while Dawson was finally able to exploit one of Abbott’s gaps and Jordan scored a try. To his dismay, the try was made seconds after the whistle was blown and did not count. They were then awarded a penalty kick which put Dawson back in the lead with 6-3.

The ball was passed back and forth until Dawson won a line out where they threw the ball off the top to the backs. The ball was brought down the line giving Dawson more and more yardage. The Blues continued to set up and win ruck after ruck until finally Moroz passed the ball down to Jordan who scored Dawson’s first try of the game giving Dawson a handsome lead of 11-3.

“We played as a team, we had our game plan and we executed it,” Moroz said.

After the half time, Abbott picked up the intensity and scored two minutes in with a breakaway from their backs and brought the score to a close tie of 11-10.

Dawson, seeking revenge, pushed through Abbott’s defenses. Brett Boheman received the ball after the Blues’ forward won a ruck and scored a try, making the score 18 – 10.

While Dawson was in the lead, the majority of the second half was being spent at The Blues’ try line as The Islanders were attempting to maul their way to a try. Dawson’s Yannick Fortin kicked the ball out of his zone, but instead of just clearing it he ended up scoring a drop goal changing the score to 21-10 for Dawson.

With time running out and Dawson in the lead, Abbott, to the Blues’ advantage, began getting messy and missed a lot of opportunity to score.

Ten minutes left to play, Abbott kicked the ball out of bounds and set up for a line out. Once they won it, they created a maul and pushed themselves 10 yards closer to Dawson’s try line after setting up multiple rucks and winning them. Abbott inched closer and closer and finally scored after trying to break Dawson’s persistent forward for the entirety of the second half.

Preventing any further points against The Blues, after Abbott’s try, the game ended and Dawson won with an overall score of 21-15.

“We played hard, didn’t give up, and we squeaked out a win. I’m extremely proud,” Head coach Rob Anhert said. “This is the first time in a long time that Dawson win [the regional championship]. This is the end of the season for us and it’s time to celebrate.”