Speak Now by Taylor Swift

Album review by Anna Frey

Speak Now delivers an anger-fuelled view of life through a young woman’s eyes.

With songs on the subject of cheating boyfriends, mean boyfriends, and girls who steal boyfriends, it’s clear that Taylor Swift’s signature focus hasn’t changed at all, though her perspective seems to have grown with age.

This is Swift’s most bitter collection yet, with songs such as “Better Than Revenge,” “If This Was a Movie,” and “Haunted,” all displaying the jaded side of the young singer.

Along with bitterness, regret is another theme explored in the album. Swift seems to wish she could escape her own reality, either by leading a scripted life or regressing to childhood. “Don’t you ever grow up, it could stay this simple,” she croons on  “Never Grow Up.”

Cheerful songs are few and far between here, with only “Ours” and “Mine,” her first single, left for the optimists. 

Swift’s style, however, remains fairly consistent. There is a fair mix of slow-paced and upbeat songs, and she even goes back to her country-style roots on a couple of tracks.

“Mean” brings us back to Swift’s sassy side, while “Better than Revenge” sounds more like a Paramore hit with its rock n’ roll edge. 

This is an album packed with catchy songs. “The Story of Us” is guaranteed to be playing on repeat in your mind, with its addictive chorus and booty-shaking beat, not to mention Swift’s inclusion of her trademark attitude, giving us a coy “the end,” in the last moment of the song. 

With the broader range of musical styles displayed on this album, Swift may gain some new fans, while her lyrics and general style hasn’t changed enough to outgrow any old ones.


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