One hard working Weiner

Photo Credit: Hombeline Dumas

Dawson’s very own Alex Weiner is acting up a storm and making a name for himself in the business

student profile by Maya Malkin

Cin/Vid/Com student Alex Weiner is a professional actor on the rise. Though he is new on the acting market, Weiner is making a name for himself in the business quickly.

At only 19 years of age, the young actor has had a lead role in a film that has been to the Cannes Film Festival, a recurring on a popular American TV show, has been in TV commercials, and starred in countless plays.

He started acting in high school, doing theater at Royal West Academy (R.W.A.). “I really loved it, I was doing three plays per year.” Kim Vaincourt, a Montreal agent, signed Weiner on when she saw him playing the MC in R.W.A.’s production of Cabaret.

“I spent about six months trying to get into ACTRA [Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists], which is that really vicious cycle that you have to go through. It’s a catch 22, basically, to get in to ACTRA you have to get a job, but to get a job you have to get in to ACTRA.”

Weiner got his first lead in an Olivier Abbou film called Territories, which was in the 2010 Cannes Film Festival and will be released in Montreal in 2011. He plays a lovable mute boy with asthma, who has been kidnapped, along with his sister and their friends, by two former Guantanamo bay torturers. Weiner went on to join ACTRA and has been working professionally as an actor ever since.

After Territories, he got a role on American TV series Blue Mountain State, playing Ricky “the pizza boy” which is a recurring role. “That episode should be coming out pretty soon, it should be pretty funny, I snort vodka in it,” Weiner said. He’s been in numerous short films, including Max Walker’s Simon, Max Walker’s Les Robitailles, Nikila Cole’s My Father, Joe, and did voice over/dubbing for The Girl Who Played with Fire, originally a Swedish film.

Weiner was in a Desjardins commercial, and also a Yoplait commercial which was played on YTV. “Other than jobs, it’s about honing the craft, which is really important, I think,” Weiner said. He strained on how important he thinks it is to take hard acting classes that will not only improve your acting skills, but teach you more about yourself as a person.

“Whatever will stop you as a person, will stop you as an actor and the process of acting is a process of growth,” he said. “It’s kind of a hole that an actor will get into when they think that they’re already at the top of their acting potential, it’s really important to not think that you have nothing left to learn. I, on the contrary think that I’ll never stop learning about acting.”

Look out for Alex Weiner. He’ll be on the big screen, on your TV, and in film festivals in 2011. He is an actor on the rise and with a last name like Weiner, he’ll be hard to miss.


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