By Dahlia Belinsky

The first day of December was yesterday meaning Movember is officially over. For those who don’t know, Movember is when guys grow a moustache for the month of November for prostate cancer awareness. Presumably all the Dawson men have shaved their moustaches and trimmed their beard, which is too bad because they’re so hot. Except not really. Thank God December is here.

President of the United States, Barack Obama, has received 12 stitches on his lip after being elbowed in a game of basketball.

A study done by Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital found that obesity is linked with osteoporosis. Basically, if you’re fat you have weak bones. This was not always the case. Before, it was believed that being overweight gave you stronger bones. It’s okay, if you’re that fat you don’t need bones, you can just lie in bed and eat your sorrow away.

Carlos Flores, a grocery clerk in New York, jumped in the metro tracks to save a man who had fainted.  He said he did it so that the metro would not hit him and cause a delay that would make Flores late for work. I can only hope that someone would have saved the man even if they weren’t going to be late…

The Head of the Washington State Potato Commission finally finished his 60 day potato diet. In that time he ate approximately 400lbs of potatoes in every form possible. The best part is he lost 20lbs, lowered his blood sugar, and cut his total cholesterol by a third. Despite these advantages he is not recommending the diet to people. I don’t even care; this is legitimately a dream diet. The results could have been he gained 40lbs and somehow got chlamydia and I’d still be down to eat potatoes for two months.

Warner Brothers is making Quidditch Lingerie, or at least they’re getting the trademark. The people who are buying the lingerie, no one other than themselves will see it. Too bad I’m really tempted to buy it…


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