Montre’arts helps student artists

Strugglings CEGEP artist will have a chance to showcase their work

By Dahlia Belinsky

The Montre’arts website is expected to be launched over the holidays in addition to the long awaited CD coming out in January.

Montre’arts is a Montreal based organization that promotes the music of CEGEP students and also wants to add culture to a normal student’s life as well as the general public.

The main projects for Montre’arts include a CD, an official website, and a concert. “Each band will have a song. It’s a CD for people who are open to new music,” Michaël Lessard Head Organizer of Montre’arts said. “It [will be] easy to hear and [have] a diversity of talent to promote a variety of music.”

The bands on the CD so far are Mango Mango and Les Gourmands, who were the winners of Cegep en Spectacle last year, to name a few.

“We were going to have a magazine and website, but we reoriented it to be more technological, using social networking, informative videos, and interviews with the artists,” Lessard said. “[People] prefer to see a two minute video instead of reading something that takes 30 seconds to read.”

“It’s hard to start as an artist in Montreal and this allows people to consume art of good quality for a low price,” Lessard said.

The CD release, which is expected to be in January, will be announced on the official website which should be finished during the Christmas holidays. There are plans to have a concert with all the bands to launch the CD.

The organizers of Montre’arts are trying to include all CEGEPs around Montreal. At the moment Ahuntsic, Andre Laurandeau, Lionel Groulx, Marie-Victorin, Rosemont, and Vincent d’Indy are on board.

“This is something for the students by the students, [if you] follow us on Facebook you can see [the bands] evolving and give them a voice,” Lessard said.
Any artists that are interested in being a part of Montre’arts can go to the Dawson Student Union (DSU) office to contact Michaël Lessard. For more information, people can visit the Montre’arts Facebook page until the website is made.


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