The Last Letter From Sam

Salutations populace of Dawson,

The big news in the world this week is WikiLeaks. Most people I know think the founder of this website, Julian Assange, is a hero for bringing the dark secrets of world governments to light. Others, mostly those who were embarrassed by the memos, think he is a traitor for exposing sensitive diplomatic exchanges; some have even called for his assassination. I will leave that argument to others. The m­orale of that story is that if you don’t want to be embarrassed, don’t write nasty stories about someone behind their backs.

This is why I have always loved the Plant. When I have something nasty to say about someone, I put it in my headlines. I have personally insulted many budding Dawson actors in my theatre reviews; I have crucified so-called art exhibits in my articles; I have assassinated characters (but only metaphorically). And, in turn, I have also been assassinated, (also, thankfully, metaphorically) for doing so. This honesty and transparency is what makes our Dawson society so strong. Let’s hope we never return to a grade school culture of gossip in the washroom, or like so many US “diplomats” exposed in the WikiLeaks’ memos.

This is my last letter as Editor-in-Chief. I guess many people would take the opportunity to write a letter parting their ways with Dawson and the Plant; somewhat of a tearful farewell. It would thank everyone for all the great memories and hours spent sharing a beer or collaborating on a team project. It would make light of stressing out on exams or working after midnight on Plant issues.

However, I don’t see this as a goodbye. We both knew from the start what our relationship was going to be: quick and easy. Maybe we both got attached to each other but, sadly, most relationships don’t last forever. What more is there to say? On that note, I leave you with one more memory of mine from Dawson.

On that, I will say big up to all the great memories and people that crossed my path while at Dawson: All the good teachers, the cool classmates, the PARC staff and last but not least, the Plant club space…

Stay classy, Dawson…Word to your mothers!
Samuel Lavigne Schmidt

P.S. Shout out to Anna Frey the newly appointed Editor-in-Chief. You’re cool…I guess.


One response to “The Last Letter From Sam

  1. …what’s the “one more” memory from Dawson? Seems to be a missing paragraph.

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