I fought the bite and the kids won

Photo Credit: Paige Goldberg

Fundraiser success for healthcare in Uganda

fundraiser show by Carl Perks

Raising awareness for the Mercy Project was a success as Dawson students and faculty alike joined the bands Son of Sam and Double Down at Il Motore for the third and final part of Fight the Bite, a fundraiser separated in three events.

The benefit concert, organized by Dawson’s Club Med and Social Justice Club, was set to raise money for the St. Jude Children’s home in Gulu, Uganda, to add to the near $1,000 that was raised with the two previous events.

The St. Jude’s goal is to render health care more accessible in the area and the money raised during the events will go into buying a van for emergency transport, paying the salary of the many workers, funding the various workshops organised by the foundation, by-annual checkups, and malaria treatment for children.

“The problem [In Uganda] is not that there is no knowledge [about the situation] so much as that the accessibility is limited, because of the lack funding,” said Tori Schouela, co-organiser of the event.

The first band, Son of Sam, comprised of many members including Dawson Humanities Teacher Gabriel Tordjman, played a groovy reggae set and would rarely miss a chance to convey a message of love and charity to the crowd. Their intentions were positive and sincere. On the other hand, Double Down, formed out of the Dawson’s Jam Session attendees, took the evening on a lighter tone as Jacques “Robot Bear”’ Asselin yelled and wailed on stage, passing jokes and jumping up and down.

“The show is an anti-malaria show, as is the band,” said Asselin. “Malaria makes you feel bad, our music makes you feel good… which is the opposite of bad.”
Despite the evening being garnished by two entertaining musical acts, the organisers, Schouela, Jennifer Roberts and Arielle Elkrief, are hopeful that their efforts will go into good use.

“It’s not about us stepping in and telling them what to do, because they are very knowledgeable,” said Schouela. “It’s more about empowering them with the resources and the tools to be able to carry out the things that they do best”
If you missed the event yet remain eager to help, you can always aid the cause by pressing the ‘Donate’ button on the top right of http://www.themercyproject.org.

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