Growing Garden

Filmmaker helps the Dawson Peace Garden grow

By Jennifer Hughes

“I’d love for the people to get a sense of what tragic events really do to people and then watch in awe as you see them push forward in such courageous ways,” Adam Reider, a former Dawson student and independent filmmaker, said.

Reider is currently in the process of making a documentary film about Dawson’s Peace Garden and the positive strides the community has taken since the 2006 shooting.

Donations are needed in order to complete the filming of Infinity Loops, its current working title. Reider has started a campaign on, which can be found by typing ‘Dawson’ into its search bar, to raise the $11,750 he needs in order to finish the film. So far he has raised about $2,000. The deadline for this online campaign is Dec. 20.

“Ideally if a bunch of people gave really small donations, they would add up to a large amount,” Reider explained about the crowd funding website. “But it’s an all or nothing situation, so if I don’t reach my goal [by the deadline], all the money already raised goes back to funders.”

The donations go towards “buying and renting equipment, paying a crew, paying researchers and pushing the film towards post production and then some type of distribution,” Reider said.

Infinity Loops will be Reider’s first feature film. He is the owner of the production company Rail City Media and has done a short fiction film called Dog Sitter. He also works on the films of others all the time.

“When I heard of this project [of the Peace Garden] I remember this spark of creativity firing off in my mind,” Reider said. “I realized there is a story to be told here.”

The Peace Garden, located on campus between Wood Avenue and Sherbrooke, was built this year in memory of the 2006 shooting. The garden contains three interlocking loops, called infinity loops, which is where the film’s title originated.

“It would be interesting to see,” Fethi Guessabi, a fourth semester Social Science student said about the documentary. “I think it’s a good idea. Things happened, we need to know how to deal with it and not just forget… It [the Peace Garden] is symbolic. The garden is a good way to remember.”

So far Reider has been filming for about four months and plans to continue until next September, which will mark the fifth anniversary of the shooting and official launch of the Peace Garden.


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