Grieving in creative ways

Different ways of coping with Dawson’s recent tragedy

By Monica Jewer

In the early hours of a fun-loved celebration; Halloween brought lots of sadness and pain into hearts in and around the Montreal area. Mitchell Bracken-Guenet, Dylan Ford and Ricardo Conesa were killed by a train in the Turcot area of Montreal. Bracken- Guenet and Conesa were pronounced dead at the scene and Ford died later that morning in hospital. Two others that were present during the accident were rushed to hospital in shock and released soon after.

The five boys had been appreciating and creating graffiti when the two surviving friends attempted to alert their friends of an upcoming train. Due to the architecture of the popular spot the three deceased did not hear the train. The young men attempted to jump out of the way or stared in disbelief, and were struck.

This tragic event has brought much pain to family, friends and the general community. The repercussions of this accident have been frightening in the variety of grieving techniques chosen by the peers of the teenage boys. Some have chosen a variety of substance abuse, some have chosen to be constantly around friends and family, some have been in denial or have attempted to go on in their everyday lives. People everywhere are worried that more children will be hurt while grieving over the three 17 Year olds deaths.

We must all be around to support and help one another, no matter how bad their choices of grieving might be. It has been brought to attention that many have chose to pay their respects in a variety of work through art forms often graffiti but also been going back to the accident site risking the family’s of these children living in the West Island of Montreal, their suburban further accidents.

It is frightening to parents to see their children’s friends being killed at such a young age. As teenagers it is understood that this is an age where they do not share their pain and issues with their parents in fear of getting in trouble. This is an age where friends are the most important people in their lives. Parents have also mentioned the closeness of lifestyle has been prone to communal activities where the kids are considered to be the children of the community not just every set of parents personal child. Teenagers are usually not use to death of their age group of peers, especially not three at once.

A variety of precautions been considered to lower chances of such accidents reoccurring. It must be taken into consideration that kids will be kids and put themselves into dangerous situations. Everyone must be more cautious in their activities and consider safety measures when doing dangerous activities. People must spread awareness that there are others out their feeling the same as you and that you are not alone.

There have been a few disturbing internet comments left on a variety of sites blaming the parents of the deceased for letting their children out at 3am in the morning and also saying ignorant things such as ” rich west island” kids should not be participating in graffiti in “their” terri tory  of St- Henri and that they deservedof St- Henri and that they deserved what they had coming for them.

Most people can decide to disregard comments such as these but the younger generation may take it hardly especially if having a relationship with the deceased.

This seemed to have happened during a really difficult time four some. Dylan Ford’s mother happened to have been in the United States burying her mother when she was informed of her son’s death.

Riccardo Conesa was an exchange student from Spain, making his parents have to find out and not be there fast enough to claim their son.

There is a lot of pain and pressure put on the two survivors, they are in shock, traumatized, afraid to say something that would incriminate them or their friends. Everyone should be here to support one another during these difficult times and remember to appreciate life and what we have including one another. Let these three boys never be forgotten and rest in peace.


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