DrJes Revival

Dawson’s scientific research journal is back in motion and has big plans for the future

By Corey Lesk

The Dawson Research Journal of Experimental Science (DrJes) has announced that it will be releasing its eighth issue early in 2011.

The journal, which is run by Dawson science students, has not released an issue in more than two years but has regained momentum this semester.

DrJes, which released its first issue in 1999, publishes papers on original scientific research conducted by Dawson students in the fields of biology, physics, mathematics, chemistry, technology, and psychology. It is a venue for students to have their work formally recognized and to participate in the process of reviewing and critiquing scientific research.

DrJes is a peer-reviewed journal, meaning that all of the articles are reviewed by professors from either Dawson College or another institution before being published. It is the only CEGEP-level scientific journal in Quebec. Some projects are conducted under the guidance of experts in the field, and the journal is noted for the high caliber of its articles. Robert Wolke, in his book entitled What Einstein Told his Cook, referred to DrJes “a most impressive journal that publishes . . . professional-quality research.”

Issue eight will feature articles on several fascinating scientific studies, including a novel experiment modeling evolution using simple robots plus staff and student editorials. The issue’s cover photo, which was chosen from among the most visually impressive of scientific images, will be a sure bet for a mid-afternoon stare.

“I’m happy the journal is still alive. It is important that students publish and get credit for their work and that their peers can read about what they have done,” Jessica Lazar, the journal’s Co-Editor in Chief said. Among the journal’s plans for the future are research seminars, in which students and staff will be able to present their work, answer questions, and discuss.

For further information about the DrJes, posters will be available at the SPACE exhibit in the Warren G. Flowers Gallery. Past DrJes issues are available at the library and in the physics and math tutorial rooms 7A.1 and 7B. or online at place.dawsoncollege.qc.ca/~drjes.

The journal welcomes feedback, questions, submissions of articles or editorials, and volunteers. Simply make a post in DrJes’s forum on the journal’s website.


2 responses to “DrJes Revival

  1. This blog very interesting and informative i come back soon. Regards,

  2. Guy Middleton

    As a teacher of scientific writing (based on student experiments) I’m looking forward to more DrJes – but the DrJes website no longer works… Any news???

    Thanks 🙂

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