Debauchery at the CIXS’ Zombie Party

Dawson’s Radio organizes a sick party at Warehouse on St-Laurent

Party review by Gabe Gilker

What do you get when you combine a wet t-shirt contest, hard bass, free condoms, free zombie makeup and sex in the bathrooms?

Quarantine: Dusk till Dawn. 

Last Friday, CIXS, Dawson’s radio, brought the bass home for one hypersexual mess of a good time.

Sponsored by ONE Condoms, the night was filled with a lusty atmosphere, already the ground was littered with free condoms, there were condom balloons drifting around and the prizes were all sex toys, such as anal beads, vibrators, free piercings and pocket rockets.

Upon entering The Warehouse, a private club on Saint-Laurent Street and Duluth Avenue, all party goers were immediately presented with the option of getting free zombie body paint. The professional make-up artists used spirit gum, tissue paper and massive amounts of fake blood to make every open, bleeding wound and burn look as eerily real as possible.

“Dawson needs to get its party game on.” Skunch, a DJ said.

Chocolate Milk and Ωhmar started the night off strong, bringing the crowd in with their superb electro house mixes, warming up the crowd and getting the party started. 

Not only were the DJ’s on their A-game, but so were the girls. CIXS, hosting a wet t-shirt contest, had five girls brought to the front of the dance floor and gave them white t-shirts. Let’s just leave it to imagination and say that none of these girls were just a’s.

“It [the event] was amazing. Fantastically so. There were a lot of tits and I love tits,” Fred Kowalczy, event administrator said. 

Sly and Gallows came on next bringing the dubstep. Gallows showed dexterity and skill with the turntables and Sly entranced the crowd, using popular mixes to reach the Dawson population while making them sound as fresh as a pair of new Nikes. 

“She [Sly] definitely drew in the biggest crowd. From what I heard of her tonight she definitely has the talent and ability to move the audience,” said the anonymous bartender. “Keep your eye on her.”

Along with great contests, there was also an initiation process for one of the Dawson radio crewmembers. He was presented with a girl with whipped cream covering her chest and then he was blind folded. The crowd was all told to be silent, as a guy with his chest covered in whipped cream replaced the girl. As he was instructed to lick the whipped cream off, the crowd cheered.

“Events like these make me proud to be a Dawson student” Caiti Birenbaum, third semester Social Science student said.

Gnave came up next and showed the crowd some chill beats. There were some technical difficulties during his set, but he worked through them and continued without stressing or skipping a beat. He also brought Don Clark as a special guest DJ.

At around 1:30 a.m. the venue started to empty out, but all those who left early missed out on a real treat. They missed some of the best take-your-pants-off-music provided by Skunch.

“The party was amazing, and the people who threw it [CIXS] are equally amazing.” Catherine Pepe, third semester, Social Science Student said.



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