Dawson Defeat Nomads

Blues start off slow, rally later to earn a comeback victory

By Carl Perks

Last Friday, the Dawson AAA basketball team defeated the Montmorency Nomads with a tight 71 to 60. The game was played on Dawson grounds, which at first did not give the Blues any advantage, forcing them to put in better players and effort into the third quarter.

‘‘We started the game pretty slow. That helped them maintain their advantage against us in our home gym. After the second half we made a few adjustments in the locker room and placed probably one of our best scoring outputs in the third quarter,” said Peter Walcott, assistant coach for the team.

Dawson’s team knew that Montmorency would be stiff competition. The head coach, Wayne Yearwood, predicted: ‘‘they are a good team: they are going to put on a lot of pressure, they are going to run up and down, they are going to shoot a lot of threes.”

One of the captains of the team, Christopher Joseph, claims that the opposite team’s technique was counteracted by sheer desire for victory: ‘‘They played alright but they still have work to do, the same way that we have work to do. We just figured that we have to get in and that we have to want it more than they do. And in the end, we pretty much wanted it more.’’

Walcott, on the other hand, believes that it is practice and skill that defeated the Nomads: ‘‘We pressured them well: we are just as aggressive as they are. We got to meet their aggressiveness with our own aggressiveness, if we didn’t, they would have that over us. But everything we did well was what we practiced all week and it showed in the third quarter.’’

Montmorency are known for their hostility and as Yearwood predicted for his team, the Blues counteracted with a great defence. Joseph explains: ‘‘We did pretty good. We played allot of defence. You need defence in these games.’’


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