A Liar to Admire EP

Album review by Chris Pike

Swedish Indie rock artists Ram Di Dam released their first EP, A Liar to Admire, a few months a go, and while at times it seems fresh, there is some much needed polishing to be done.

There first single, “Flashbacks,” which has been well received in the U.K. and Europe, and was recently featured on the soundtrack for EA Sport’s FIFA 11 videogame, is definitely the star of the EP.

The opening guitar riff is fast paced and fun and sets the tone for the rest of the song. The chorus isn’t too catchy that it sticks in your head, but will have you coming back for multiple listens.

“Half Asleep” is the next track on the album and it’s just as good as “Flashbacks.” It starts of slow and remains pretty mellow all through with a nice simple break down in the middle. The track is very reminiscent of earlier songs by The Kooks, which is in no way a bad thing.

Unfortunately the EP hits a bump in the road with “Chances”. The bass line is sloppy and the drums feel like they’re off tempo at a few points. The guitar has a slightly annoying twang that could have easily been fixed.

Thankfully there is a return to form with the final track of the EP “A Liar To Admire (Away from Me).” Again, Ram Di Dam is channeling The Kooks, but with drumming similar to Albert Hammond Jr. of The Strokes.

Lead singer Hugo is also comparable to another member of the Strokes, Julian Casablancas. Both singers have the air about them that they’ve been smoking cigarettes on the lower east side of Manhattan for far too long. While some people might not enjoy this style, many people do and it is definitely working for Ram Di Dam.


One response to “A Liar to Admire EP

  1. The EP was released april 2009 and the leadsinger is called Karl. Hugo plays bass!

    Their first singel from upcoming debut album will be released by Universal in early mars. It is called leave a mark and its amazing

    Glad you like the band! 🙂

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