The Invaluables

A Little Bit of Levek

By Lana Belber

It no longer comes as a surprise to learn that a solid debut album was, in fact, a solo bedroom project.

If anything, it can be expected from artists of the lo-fi or acoustic variety. What defies expectation is when this is the case for elaborate arrangements like the title track of Levek’s 7”, Look on the Bright Side, released Nov. 16.

The song features enough instruments to conjure up the image of a full studio ensemble when, in actuality, Florida bus driver, David Levesque, himself recorded the countless different parts that come together in a polished final product.

A jazzy skeleton underlies the track with suave, cheeky guitar accents, trumpet, violin, and subtle, nearly whispered harmonies. It falls somewhere between smooth jazz, funk, early 80’s porno, and soul. But do not be deterred by these genre comparisons; they only skim the song’s surface. Levesque offers something truly interesting and unclassifiable that, if given the chance, is in equal parts eccentric and enjoyable.

The 7” is a capricious mash-up of eclectic styles that one would not expect to find grouped together. “Look on the Bright Side” seems to be evidence enough that Levek is some sort of jazz maverick until the commanding tribal chant “Chief” comes along. Killer percussion, flute, and animal sounds move the setting from a wonderfully shady live music joint to the forest in a matter of seconds. Levesque maintains the naturalistic essence of “Chief” when he takes a turn for the acoustic in “Loon and the Lion” with more animal sounds and woodsy percussion.

Levesque sets the bar high for himself; he compacts a lot into a short few songs, showing great potential, rather than coming across as scatterbrained or lacking unity. Above all, the uniqueness of his sound makes his music worth listening to, securing him a spot among the artists to follow.

The listed tracks and Levek’s amazing album art can be found on his MySpace page at and “Look on the Bright Side” can be purchased through Father/Daughter Records.


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