Technologically savvy

Dawson takes a step forward  and has spread information access to the most used electronic devices and websites

By Beatrice Broderick-Auger

Over the past several months, Dawson has become more accessible to its students, as college related information can be found on the school’s website, their Facebook or Twitter page and a Dawson application is available on iPod’s or iPads.

It’s quite common for CEGEPs to have web pages for information for students, staff as well as future scholars. Dawson has recently taken the next step to stay in constant contact with its students and has spread its access to the most used electronic devices used these days.

“No one takes the time to read written letters and students certainly don’t pay attention to the posters hanging on the wall, I know I don’t,” Rebecca Gelineau, a third semester Social Sciences student explained, “having everything online is so much more accommodating.”

Dawson’s newly created web pages were put in place “to join other legitimate Dawson Facebook pages launched by Student Affairs, Sustainable Dawson and a number of alumni groups,” as stated on the website. The main goal for this is to have better communication with the students, to give them an easier and clearer access to program specific information. The links include class cancelations, activities in the upper atrium, sports news and much more.

What makes Dawson stand out compared to any other CEGEP is the iPod application. “Last spring, the free iPhone application was launched and made available from the Apple Application store. The mdawson app puts all kinds of information at students’ fingertips,” MyDawson states. Certain information given includes news and deadlines they need to know about, class cancellations, even STM delays.

“I really enjoy not having to go straight to my laptop each morning,” Matthew Bienz, a third semester Law, Society and Justice student said, “All I have to do is grab my iPod, and class cancellations are listed,” he continued.

Putting this application in place is mainly to captivate the audience, Craig Howlett, a former Dawson employee and the founder of How Logical, which is the creator of mdawson, explained.

“The mdawson joins the majority of our clientele, there will be more and more, we have great plans,” Dawson Communication Studies teacher stated. When you walk around Dawson, students are using their phones a lot more than their laptops.

Having information accessible to everyone at any time during the day is Dawson’s goal, students now have everything they need at the tip of their finger.


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