Plant writer, Jennifer Hughes, tells all you tall people to find somewhere  else to stand at concerts

Do you know what I really hate? When really tall guys stand in front of me at gigs and concerts. Now I’m not talking about any tall guys, I’m talking about an abundance of them standing within a one foot radius of each other.

I get in, get my coat off, mix and mingle and then somehow manage to get pushed to the front of center stage. Huzzah, perfect! Thank you crowd of rowdy teens and middle-aged adults! But before I have five minutes to fully appreciate my position for the upcoming performance, I turn around to a minimum of five over six-foot-tall guys positioned between the stage and myself.

I have nothing against tall people. They have an advantage over everything. And a few of the guys standing in front of me have been extremely nice and have shifted a few feet over in the packed room after noticing my awkward jumping over their shoulders.

I just don’t get how, at a show, an entire group of extremely tall young men standing a few feet from the front of the stage is inevitable. One alone is bearable, two: alright that’s fine, three: ehh, now you’re pushing it. But over five? All standing right beside each other, directly in front of me, and usually blocking any chance of actually seeing any part of the show? It’s frustrating, to put it lightly.

But they’re all standing there, arms around girlfriends and practically towering over the band members, forming a barrier for the rest of us. For a resolution to this problem I suggest that if you’re over six-foot five-inches tall and attend concerts with other six-foot-and-over friends, you could perhaps decide to disperse a little. If you each stand a minimum of two feet apart or at least think about the rest of us, we might all have a chance of enjoying the show.


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