Locks of Love that save lives

Dawson will donate student hair to Leucan, a non-profit organization

By Jennifer Hughes

Start growing your hair out this winter because the Dawson Student Union’s (DSU) Locks of Love will be hitting Dawson in April.

Students who wish to participate will have their hair cut and styled, the trimmings will then be donated to Leucan, a local Quebec non-profit organization. Leucan helps children who have cancer and makes their families believe in a better and brighter future.

“In order to donate hair, it must be at least 10 inches long and not dyed with chemical products,” Amanda Arella, Deputy Chairperson of the DSU said.

Furthermore, if students don’t wish to give their hair they can also help with cash donations.

Although the date is not yet set, the event will likely take place the week of April 12, Arella explained. There will be a sign-up sheet in the DSU office (2F.2) further down the line.

“I think anything to benefit cancer patients is a good thing,” Kathleen Brooks, a third semester Visual Arts student said.

This is the second year Dawson has held this event with Leucan. “We hosted this  event last year as well, and [approximately] 16-20 students participated [by donating their hair],” Arella said.

“I donated some of my hair when I was fourteen,” Caterina Florio, a first semester Community Recreation Leadership Training (CRLT) student said. “I had family pass away due to cancer so it was my way of giving back.”


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