Fiesta time at Conrod’s

Legendary guitarist Michael Laucke performs at Dawson for Multicultural Week

performance review by Jonathan Feist

“Dawson is a very special place. The fact that we are surrounded by all types of different backgrounds, nationalities, and we can all live together in a healthy environment is something that we should be very proud of,” said recreation technician Mary Di Liello, one of the coordinators for this year’s Multicultural Week.

Within this multicultural spirit, Student Affairs brought in virtuoso guitarist Michael Laucke to play in Conrod’s with his infamous “fiesta flamenco” band.
The five piece band impressed a nearly full capacity cafeteria with its Spanish Fiesta flavour. Accompanied by an ever-changing lineup of instruments and dance, Michael Laucke and his band’s performance seemed to be very well received by the populace of Dawson.

“It was definitely something cool to watch,” said fifth semester student Stefan Senderak, “I loved that Spanish flavor!”

“One of the reasons that we do this is because Dawson is a very multicultural school. It’s an opportunity to try and celebrate that as much as we can,” said Di Liello. “This year I wanted to have something that was different, something that we haven’t had in the past in a long time.”

Michael laucke and his Flamenco Guitar band have played at Dawson before, in the early 90s. In recent times, he has played at John Abott, and was thought to be a good addition to the multicultural week lineup.

“We tried to really market the event, and I would say it was a great success,” said Di Liello. “There were a number of people who came up to me and said that they were introduced to that type of music for the very first time, and they appreciated the opportunity to do so,” she said.

“All I can say is that was the last thing I’d expect to see in Conrod’s, but it was really cool, different, and fun to watch,” said third semester General Social Science student Connor Dory.

“It was very well attended, and we had a nice mix of staff, teachers, and students,” said Di Liello.  “I think even an entire Spanish class came!  It was a great opportunity to introduce something very different to today’s generation. I don’t think the average population gets exposed to something like this,” she said.
Expect to see guitar virtuoso Michael Laucke and his Flamenco Band in the coming years, as it seems his talents will be appreciated by future Dawson students.


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