Fajitas, African drums, and a Flamenco star

Multicultural week took place at Dawson in order to promote different cultures

By Rébecca Phaneuf-Thibault

Dawson hosted a series of events to promote different cultures and to provide entertainment for its students as the end of semester approaches, in Conrod’s, all through last week.


Learning how to make certain foods was one of the activities held during Multicultural week. On Tuesday students could learn how to make Italian panini’s, Mexican fajitas, Lebanese pitas, and Vietnamese spring rolls. They were allowed to eat it while the food fair was held on Wednesday and Thursday.


“I love how Dawson is always organizing events. I come to school every week and there’s always something new happening,” Addison Attar, a first semester Social Sciences student said, “this world-sandwich idea is great. I’m really enjoying this fajita.”


Food wasn’t the only thing on the menu, live music filled Conrod’s. Multicultural week started off with internationally recognized flamenco guitarist, Michael Lauke, on Tuesday, then Sotropik Live Caribbean band performed on Wednesday, and an African drum workshop was held on Thursday for any student who was interested to participate.


“I was never too much into world music but I actually really enjoyed the upbeat rhythm of the Caribbean band today,” Angelique Frehner, a third semester Pure and Applied student said.


The last component of Multicultural week was a display exhibited in Conrod’s about beauty through time and across cultures. Students could view the display and then vote on the best one according to their perception of beauty. “This is really beautiful, I love the idea. It’s nice to see different beauties for a change,” Alex Rawson, a Literature student at Dawson said while looking at the display.


Multicultural week provided Dawson students with a variety of workshops, music, food, and art to enlarge their views on the world’s cultures. It ended up reflecting on its own community, culturally diverse but somehow unified.



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