Eyes on the DSU

The DSU held their weekly meeting discussing student activities

By Elise Favis

The DSU (Dawson Student Union) had a short meeting on Monday, discussing the tuition fee campaign rally and World Youth Festival.

The DSU began their discussion with the Quebec City trip. Tuition rates in university are proposed to rise by 250% in 2012. Students who are passionate about tuition fee hikes will have a chance to voice their opinion through a rally and protest at the government consultation of students. The means of transportation to Quebec City will be by bus, and the event will take place on Dec. 6.

“We have four people signed up for the rally in Quebec City, and 100 declaration forms signed,” Amanda Arella, DSU Deputy Chairperson, said.

The motion presented was an inquiry on the funding for the campaign, and the vote unanimously agreed on the amount proposed.

“We’ve been working really hard to fight against the tuition fee increases, and tying it into our Education is a Right campaign,” Arella continued.  “We’ve got a lot of buzz around campus, and hopefully with the class talks and the continued tabling there will be even more.”

The next topic was the $500 contribution to the Quebec committee of the World Festival of Youth and Students, which is a youth-driven international, socialist organization that aims to connect students around the world to fight for their country’s needs.

“[World Festival of Youth and Students] will take place in South Africa. It happens every four to five years,” Shannon Gittens, DSU Director of External Affairs, said. “It’s a convention that informs youth on lobbying and campaigning on a more national level.”

DSU Staff Mathieu Perron further explained the cause, “Students across the world get together, and there are workshops that are held, so people can know what kind of issues that might be happening in different countries. It generally gives a greater exchange of ideas.”

The meeting concluded with an agreement on the $500 donation to the festival, and a legal update.


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