Dawson’s Finest

By Maya Malkin

Hello everybody! So I know I said I was done with Cinema boys, but I think throughout the semester I’ve already established that I’m a liar. This week’s man of the week is yet another Cin/Vid/Com student but this time he’s the last one (FOR REAL), because we only have one week left and I already have next week’s man, who is far from a Cinema student. Make sure to check it out next Thursday… it’s going to be a good one!

So lately, I’ve been watching a series of shows on Animal Planet called Animal Cops and I’ve realized puppies and kittens are the best (totally unrelated to Dawson men but it just had to be said). They honestly make me so happy it’s unbelievable. For my birthday, I want a basket of puppies. PLEASE? These shows make me sad though, it’s so outrageous how some people treat their animals. How can you look a puppy in the face and be mean to him? HOW? People are fucked.

So Dawson boys… BE NICE TO KITTENS AND PUPPIES… AND ELDERLY DOGS AND CATS TOO. All animals. OR I’LL FIND YOU, for real bros… for real.

P.S. pardon me for the completely unrelated topic, but the message had to be spread…obviously.


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