Crazy Sport of the Week: Cockroach Spitting

There are no words to describe how disgusting this “sport” is

By Carl Perks

What carries over 40 human pathogens including Typhoid, Hepatitis and (yes my friends) the Plague, has six legs, survives nine days without its head until it dies of hunger and is spat out at competitive distances in a popular competition that started in Indiana?

Not only is spitting cockroaches a hobby for Guinness world record contenders, it’s a sport with senior women finals, scoreboards and all those elements that real games are comprised of. Though cockroach spitting contains all the components of a competitive sport, its status within athletic competition is dubious and disputable.

Invented by entomologist Tom Turpin of the Purdue University in Indiana, who is also known for developing cricket spitting, the emulous spitting of cockroaches was created for the University’s annual Bug Bowl, an event that draws in over 30,000 insect and sport enthusiasts every year.

In both versions of the athletic prowess that is the spitting of bugs, the crawler is frozen and thawed pre-spitting to prevent the taste of the ‘‘equipment’’ from impeding performance.

Though many universities have picked up spitting crickets over its socially-unacceptable bigger brother, the deceasing sport of roach spewing is still very present within the ranks of the oddballs that attempt world records within the files of Guinness.

The Guinness World Record’s record for the sport is not in synch with the Bug Bowl’s: though the famous database certifies that the furthest a cockroach has ever been spat is a very respectable 30 feet 1.2 inches away from the record-setter, the Bug Bowl’s scoreboard boasts an unworldly 39 feet 9.75 inches. These are still not up to par with the furthest ever spitting of saliva, which is recorded to be as far as 100 feet and four inches in distance.

There is not much more to say about the dying flame that is cockroach spitting. As to keep your mind tantalized with unorthodox facts, here is some useless yet non-the-less intriguing knowledge on cockroaches:

-They can survive nuclear radiation (as inaccurately depicted in the popular video game Fallout.)
-They can survive without air for almost 45 minutes, and almost a month without a head (due to the spiracles trachea through their skin and low blood pressure) if they don’t get infected and have eaten.

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