Weekend Confirmed

You don’t know what to do this Friday? Copy paste this to your schedule.

By Tony Stabile & Carl Perks

The Evening
This weekend we propose an evening in the downtown Saint-Catherine area with your buddies. There is the release of the new Russel Crowe and Liam Neeson film premiering on Friday, after which you can drop by one of the best kept secrets in the world of Montreal hamburgers and top the night with eclectic imports from the world of brews and scotches.

The Movie
Haste makes waste, yet make that waste with your first move towards the cinema (In this case, Scotia Bank Cinema at Peel Metro). Don’t waste your time seeing the latest Harry Potter flick; there will be too many dorky girls dressed as boy wizards. Instead you are going to opt for something bending towards the BADASS: A Russel Crowe film! The Next Three Days is an action drama with Elizabeth Banks playing Crowe’s wife. He has to clear his wife’s name as she’s being incarcerated for murder. This is Russel Crowe people, a badass who will kick ass. This is definitely the flick to see to start you weekend with a bang before you head out for a couple of drinks!

The Restaurant
Once you’re out of the movie, take a turn to the right and start building up your appetite for the second best burger in town (the first is a bit far of a walk and will be included in next week’s Weekend Confirmed). Once you walk till Saint-Marc Street (right past Buns, the third best burger in Montreal), you turn right and step in the four walls that surround Picks’ burgers (the ‘‘in’’ is for ‘‘you are in for a treat’’). With a ‘‘make your own burger’’ menu, in which you can name your burger and see it pinned to the wall of famous burgers, Picks’ specialty food can be comprised of everything from caramelised onions to gourmet cheese dropping by homemade mustard. It’s also the only Korean burger joint in Montreal, meaning you can find exotic nibbles such as a Kogo (a sausage surrounded by deep fried potato squares). You can easily get supper under $12. The address is 1407 Saint-Marc, corner Sainte-Catherine.

Once your appetite is sated, make your way to old Europe for a few drinks. It won’t take you as long as you think because, in this case, old Europe is situated on Saint-Catherine Street. The building was built in the 1930s, the Sainte-Elisabeth (1412 rue Sainte-Élisabeth, corner Sainte-Catherine) with its vast selection of imported beers, homebrews (including the house special, La Ste-Elisabeth) and fine scotch whiskeys, this cozy little out-of-sight bar is the best way to end your night. Enjoy some unusual brews or slit open your wallet for a pour of single malt. It’s too cold outside to enjoy the lovely terrace, but the disposition of the bar will keep you comfortable enough to forget the very cold that brought you indoors. Just make sure to put down your drinks and make your way to the metro before 12:15 a.m., least you have to order a taxi home.

1st stop: Scotia Bank Cineplex above Peel Metro for a screening of The
Next Three Days.
2nd stop: Picks burgers, 1407 Saint-Marc, for an orgasmic supper.

3rd stop: The Sainte-Elizabeth, 1412 Sainte-Élisabeth for an inebriating
end-of-the night before your drunken ride home.

Why you will enjoy this evening: A movie including Liam Neeson topped with one of the best burgers you’ll ever eat wrapped in an expansion of your knowledge of brews. What more is there to say?

Cost: $44.50 (Considering you spend $20 on drinks) per person.


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