Service with a fuck you

Croissant Plus employee harassed an old woman for eating another restaurant’s food on their premises

By Dahlia Belinsky

Imagine going to buy your lunch at McDonald’s and, instead of sitting inside you go with your friends to the food court upstairs to eat.

An employee from one of the many restaurants, then, starts yelling at you, saying, “go to your grave and die,” without any warning. They continue to kick you out of the food court just because you brought in a food foreign to that area.

On Monday at noon, at the Alexis Nihon Plaza, an employee from Croissant Plus openly harassed an old woman for sitting at the tables that are normally reserved for the Croissant Plus customers with her Pik-Nik meal.

“An old woman came and sat down with her food from Pik-Nik and the cashier from Croissant Plus started screaming at her, telling her to leave,” Sophie Porcelli, witness and Concordia student said. “The employee freaked out and he called her [vulgar names]. Then [the cashier] picked up a plate as if she was going to throw it at the old lady.”

Due to Pik-Nik’s high chairs the old woman was unable to climb onto one, so she went to sit at the Croissant Plus right next door. “The old woman had a cane and an age to her. She even said she had medical issues,” Porcelli said. “The worker didn’t care and she cussed at her even as the old lady was walking away.”

“[Apparently] the old lady was talking very dirty, but I wasn’t there that day,” an anonymous Croissant Plus worker said. One of the workers who was there the day of the incident said she was unable to comment because she, “[couldn’t] speak French or English.”

When Porelli went to confront the employees about the incident that happened 15 minutes before, she was treated in the same fashion.

“The cashier told me, ‘[you’re] a fucking bitch. [Mind] your own business, what’s it to you,'” Porcelli said. “She lifted a spoon as if she was going to hit me with it. One of the other girls [behind the counter] was holding her back.”

This is not a one time incident from Croissant Plus. Porcelli went to fill out a complaint form with the information desk. The security guard was not surprised. “We receive frequent complaints [about] both Pik-Nik and Croissant Plus,” the anonymous security guard said. “The complaints are mostly about the [employees] yelling and having a general lack of respect.” Another security guard told Porcelli that, “the only reason something [hasn’t] been done is because they pay the rent.”

“That’s absolutely disgusting. I’ve worked at fast food places before and [I’ve] never told people to leave when they bring in food from another place. What’s worse is that [security] isn’t doing anything about it,” Rebecca De Sanctis, a third semester psychology student said.

“The complaints have been sent to my boss, but they haven’t acted on the complaints yet,” the security guard said. No more information was given as to why the Croissant Plus has yet to be reprimanded after their several offences.
Croissant Plus and Pik-Nik are neighbours to each other in the Alexis Nihon Plaza. They both sell common fast food options such as hamburgers, poutines, and sandwiches.

“The stalls offer the same service next to each other, the competition is probably a lot fiercer than for the food court because they aren’t the main food attraction in the mall,” Sophia Dawson, a third semester Liberal Arts student said.

“It’s a family friendly mall and you have some woman swearing hysterically [on the] metro level in front of everyone, [including] kids. [They] shouldn’t own a business if they think that they can do this [be rude to customers]. You’re supposed have to have proper etiquette and business ethic. I don’t even know how they have [clients] if they treat people like that,” Porcelli said.

To file a complaint regarding the service at Alexis Nihon, students can fill out a form at the information desk on the ground level.


One response to “Service with a fuck you

  1. Anonymous Native

    With more and more FRENCH-ONLY signs, the Alexis Nihon plaza has become anti-English and (Quebecois) racist. HALF the population of Montreal speaks English andy theatre’s nothing wrong with that. It’s time the paid and unpaid bigots were put in their place.

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