No more fees

The DSU held a meeting about the increase of university tuition

By Elise Favis

The Dawson Student Union (DSU) held a mobilization committee meeting on Monday Nov. 6, concerning their campaign to stop the increase of university tuition in Quebec.

Quebec has had one of the lowest tuition rates for almost a decade, though as of last spring, the Quebec government proposed a tuition fee increase that may leave students in debt. If granted, the tuition rise will begin as of 2012.

About 15 to 20 students attended the meeting, which included the DSU executives and others that had a general interest in the issue.

“The propositions that we’ve been hearing is that the fees will be brought up to the national average,” Amanda Arella, Deputy Chairperson of the DSU said. “Students would be paying $5000 in tuition fees, which is a huge increase and would make education in Quebec a lot less accessible.”

The increase will be 250% higher than the current tuition payments. The DSU is planning a trip by bus to Quebec City for students on Dec. 6, where attendees will protest their cause at the government consultation of students.

“In terms of mobilization, the consultations are happening during exam period,” Ariel Charney, Chairperson of the DSU explained. “So they obviously have it in their interest to prevent students from gathering.”

“On Dec. 6, the official consultation with students is going to happen,” Mathieu Perron, Executive Director of the DSU, said. “[The Quebec Government] already had the consultation with all the university presidents [of the province], and said the tuition fees need to go up to the national average.”

The Union and guests then spoke of how they would promote and commercialize the campaign. The group went into a long discussion regarding communications, live action events, and student outreach. Flyers, posters, events, classroom speeches and more will all be occurring this semester to advocate the cause before the Quebec City trip.


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