By Dahlia Belinski

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 comes out tonight.


Gareth Hemingway has been sentenced to 15 months in prison after uploading a racist video clip on to YouTube. When the police arrived at his home to arrest him they found Nazi and racist memorabilia. The video was made to provoke violence against ethnic minorities, particularly those living in Hemingway’s town. The cyber police was contacted right away and the consequences have never been the same.


Researches from the University of Portsmouth found that people with a larger Body Mass Index (BMI) have a greater sense of smell, not just any smell, and food odours. I’m not even going to say it…Basically, scientists discovered that fat people can smell out food faster than a skinny person. Thanks for enforcing the stereotype, science.

Facebook is changing its messaging system so that it will be more similar to text messaging. This new system will bring together SMS, Instant Messaging, e-mail and Facebook chat. Has anyone noticed that every week News Bites has something to do with Facebook changing and getting better? We get it Zuckerberg; Facebook is taking over the world. We probably should have realized that when Farmville was considered the coolest thing ever.


Exorcists are in high demand and as a result the U.S. Roman Catholic Church are training bishops and priests.  The Catholic Church law states that only someone trained in exercising demons can perform the rite. Who cares? Harry Potter comes out tonight.

When examining children in Southampton, orthopaedic surgeon, Nicholas Clarke, noticed that over 20% of them showed signs of rickets. Rickets is a disease you get due to a lack of Vitamin D, which can be caused by poor diets and a lack of sunlight. This was a big problem in the 17th century. This is like if the plague was back. This is the type of disease that people thought was eradicated years ago. What kind of child isn’t getting enough sunlight?


The US has unveiled a series of anti-smoking photos meant to scare away people from smoking. The pictures show the possible side affect smoking can do to a person, and will be put on boxes of cigarettes sold in the US. Didn’t we already try this? This won’t discourage people at all, because people will just do like we do in Montreal, “Can I have the box with the picture of the limp penis?”


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