Mc Adams in all her Glory

movie review tony stabile

Morning Glory is a chick flick. No other way to put it.

Well you could go ahead and call it a “romantic comedy.” This flick stars hot Rachel McAdams as Becky Fuller, a workaholic morning show producer. We see her trials and tribulations as she tries to salvage the failing Day Break from cancelation. To the male readers: Don’t worry this isn’t The Ugly Truth part 2.

Hollywood superstars Jeff Goldblum, Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford round out the cast.

This film’s pace is at running speed, which isn’t always a good thing for rom-coms. However, Morning Glory somehow pulls it off… well. The “Rom” in this flick is fueled Fuller hooking up with other producer Adam Bennett (Patrick Wilson). This is where the fast-pace of the film does self-inflicted damage. There isn’t enough time to properly explore their relationship leading to completely random moments and conflict. This is adding to the already weak chemistry between the two actors.

McAdams does a great job in pulling the scenes together. Her delivery of lines when sparring with Ford is simply fantastic, proving why she should be higher on the casting lists in Hollywood.
Harrison Ford looking his age does an amazing job with his character. The “has been” famed new anchor’s angsts with hosting a morning show are one any one with knowledge in the field of journalism can truly connect to. However, he is still able to channel his boyish demeanor to bring back the lore of Han or Indiana for those older male viewers.
The film can boast a couple pretty random, but funny cameos. The Blue Man Group go unmentioned, but impossible to miss.
Overall Morning Glory is your typical chick flick. It’s a well-constructed chick flick. There aren’t any moments for a pee-break. The acting and story never get overly cheesy. So gals; go see this flick for a good time. Guys; Bring your ladies out as you won’t get bored and might have a good time.


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