By Maya Malkin

Name: Voldemort (Tom Marvolo Riddle)
Hair: None
Eyes: …Grey? Sometimes white
Program: Dark Arts

Voldemort’s interests include: killing Harry Potter, snakes, drinking unicorn blood, casting the spell ‘avada kedavra’ and horcruxes. Thing he doesn’t like include: hair, Harry Potter, Dumbledore, dying, having a nose, dressing in any colour other than black, turtlenecks, and puppies. He spends most of his time hiding out and planning to kill Harry, while planting parts of his soul in various objects and killing random people here and there (especially muggles). Voldemort is an extremely talented wizard. He strives to be all-powerful and immortal. He enjoys speaking to snakes and making Harry’s scar burn by approaching him. Interested in this bad boy? You’ll have to contact J.K. Rowling or make your way to Hogwarts and hang out around Harry.


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