By Gabe Gilker

Stop with the stereotypes.

Since I still haven’t bitched enough at you Dawsonites this week in this section, I have one last thing to say to you before next week’s issue: stop stereotyping me.

I like combat boots. That does not mean I like breaking people’s faces in.

I like The Sex Pistols. Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious are God’s gift to man, that doesn’t mean that I like heroin or spitting on people.

Clockwork Orange is my favourite book, yes book, it was a book long before it was a movie, and for anyone who thinks they’ll get smart and correct me on this, the book was written in 1962 and was way more graphic than the movie. Just because I like this doesn’t mean I’ll be the next Alex walking around beating up old people and raping young girls.

I also like wearing heavier eye make-up, and don’t care much for umbrellas, so when it rains I don’t care if my make-up turns into dark black rivers running down my face.

My clothes are stitched together and full of holes, I figure as long as it’s clean I can wear it.

My hair is tangled, messy, dyed and dead. Guess what, I don’t care.

What I’m trying to get at is that I do like all these things, I don’t care much for my appearance as the average preppy girl, but I’m not some badass crust-punk. I’m not about to go skip class to smoke crack, as many kids in my program assume. Also, I’m not about to trash the house party you’re throwing. If anything I’m the nicest person to have a party, I’ll clean your house, and hold that puking girl’s hair while you continue to have fun. I’ll make sure your cats stay locked up in the parent’s room and better yet, I’ll make sure no one passes out in the backyard.

You’re welcome.

Also I’ll go out of my way to make time for my friends, and stay up for hours to make sure they’re okay. I’ll even travel across the city at 5:00 a.m. by foot if there’s no other way to reach my friends in need.

I give near stranger’s money to cab home when they need it along and on my free time I read bedtime stories to old people.

So… suck it. Get to know me before you judge me.

Peace and Love


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