Eyes on the DTU

The Dawson Teacher’s Union’s General Assembly report

By Brian Lapuz

Grievance Officer Proposal

– The DTU is looking for members who would be willing to volunteer for the three available grievance officer positions for the 2010-2011 academic year.
– These positions would help the DTU executives handle the grievances and help with the re-evaluation of teachers’ scolarity and experience.

– More importantly, these positions give an opening for teachers to gain experience within the union to potentially move up to executive positions.

– Members of the union should expect to receive an information document giving details about the positions and the nomination process.

Proposed Changes to Insurance Plan

– The cost of reimbursement for the use of health care professionals has increased the cost of insurance by 0.9%, voted at FNEEQ’s fall RSA Meeting.

– Members should get a copy of these changes at the Union.

– They include changes for prescription drug coverage, long-term disability insurance and insurance eligibility.

Vacant Humanities Senate seat

– The GA voted on holding a by-election to rid the vacancy (date not specified).
– Amendments to the motion also specify that “the defeated candidate not be allowed to run again in these by-elections,” and that “this is a non-binding exception to the procedures that normally govern Senate.”

– The DTU constitution had no mechanism in place to deal with the situation, hence the GA vote.

Haiti Donation

– On May 2010, the DTU GA voted on donating $1,000 for Haiti’s disaster relief. Unfortunately, the donation was never made.

– DTU GA has voted once again to reiterate the donation since the funds would be coming from a different financial year.

DTU Audit Committee By-Elections

– Three candidates were presented at the GA: Menouar Boulahfa, James Roberts, both Economics teachers, and Brian Seivewright, from the Chemistry Department.

– The voting by secret ballot began after the GA and continued until Friday. All three candidates were elected onto the committee.


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