Dawson Unplugged

Singers and acoustic guitar players are wanted for the February 2011 talent show

By Maya Malkin

In February, Dawson will be having its very first “Dawson Unplugged,” an acoustic show available to all talented Dawson students to sign up for.

‘Dawson Unplugged’ is held to showcase students who can sing and/or play acoustic guitar to perform at the event. “We encourage students who are talented to sign up because, well, why wouldn’t they want to perform?” Michelle Lee recreation technician from student affairs and organizer of the event said.

The show has been advertised on the MyDawson portal and various posters are posted around the school. There is no set date yet, but Lee is thinking it’ll be held around Valentine’s week.

“I think it’s a good idea,” Gabrielle D. third semester Arts and Culture student said. “Just go to the music department, anyone who takes guitar or voice classes will be interested.”

So far seven performers are scheduled to perform. “It all depends on how many students sign up. If there are more than 15 we will have to have official auditions,” Lee said. The location of the event will also depends on the number of students who sign up, “we don’t know if we can put it in the theater or if we would have a smaller room, and make it a café vibe.”

It is acceptable to sing in groups of two to four, as well as individually. It is also permitted to sing with someone who isn’t from Dawson as long as the focus is on the Dawson performer. Students who sign up should be returning to Dawson next semester as the event is in February.

“It’s a great idea because it’ll give everyone a chance to play their acoustic music in front of their Dawson peers,” Joe Z. third semester Cin/Vid/Com student said.

“It is the first Dawson Unplugged, hopefully it’ll work out and it’ll happen every year,” Lee said. Depending on how well the event goes, other CEGEPs may also be interested in holding their own Unplugged show. Students will vote for their favourite three performers from every school, the winners will then go on to perform at a “CEGEP Unplugged” event, which would be held in April.

“We’re going to advertise the event at the beginning of January, if we haven’t had enough students sign up,” Lee said. “But if we get 15 plus, we will just get the show going.”

To sign up go see Michelle Lee in 2E.6 as soon as possible because students are showing a lot of interest in the event.


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