Crazy sport of the week: Lingerie Football

Boobs and balls, what more could you want?

By Maya Malkin

Grab your prettiest panties, chomp down on your favorite mouth guard, and put on your best brassiere, it’s football time… lingerie football time.


In 2004, during the Super Bowl XXXVIII the very first Lingerie Bowl aired. The halftime game quickly rose in popularity (wonder why?) and was transformed into 10-team leagues, which have played at arenas at the NFL, NHL and MLS stadiums.


Mitchell S. Mortaza, the executive producer at Horizon Productions, expanded on the already popular Lingerie Bowl and founded The Lingerie Football League, which started in Sept. 2009.


The players’ uniforms consist of bras, underwear, garters, helmets, shoulder pads, elbow pads, and kneepads. The style of play is full contact and field goals and punts are not included. They start the game and halftime with a kickoff. Standard offense includes: one center, one quarterback, two running backs, and three wide receivers. Whereas standard defensive includes: one safety, two defensive linemen, two linebackers, and two cornerbacks.


The sport has sparked controversy as to whether it is a game that should taken seriously, or if it’s just another excuse to see half naked chicks hitting each other and running around after balls. It was banned in Oklahoma by the city mayor, Mick Cornett and according to the Orlando weekly, Mortaza himself admits that the lingerie football league is marketed towards “mostly beer-drinking college students aged 21 and up.”


However, Heather Warlick-Moore recently published an article (Nov. 13), where Natalie Jahnke, a starting center for the Los Angeles Temptation (one of the Lingerie Footbal Leagues) states, “I think that’s what grabs our audience at first sight,” she said. “I mean, let’s face it, sex sells…But then, once you watch two minutes of the game, you really realize that we’re out there playing football.”


She also goes on to argue that, “We’re not just women running around going, ‘Oh hit me, hit me.’ You really see that these women are really concentrating on winning this game and performing with technique.”


The tickets cost anywhere from approximately $20 through $100. To learn more about the Lingerie Football League you can find information, videos, and even an online store at


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