Bedouin Soundclash lights up Metropolis

Bedouin Soundclash stops by Montreal to promote their new album Light The Horizon

concert review by Andria Caputo

If you planned on attending the concert of the year and you were MIA at Bedouin Soundclash’s show at the Metropolis on Nov. 13, then you are out of luck.

Bedouin Soundclash partnered up with English singer-songwriter Charlie Winston and his band to do a cross Canada Hats Off Tour, along with up and coming Michael Rault, who is making one man bands socially acceptable again.

Rault opened up the show with a 30-minute set. With a mix of harmonica, drums, melodic vocals, and impressively catchy guitar riffs, it would be an understatement to say that the talented indie solo artist blew the crowd away.

Halfway through his set, his 18-year-old sister Emily, joined him to sing a couple of breathtakingly beautiful numbers from his previous albums. Rault concluded his set by teaming up with Charlie Winston’s band to give the crowd unforgettable good-bye.

After Rault, Charlie Winston, and his band took their turn to overexcite the crowd once more. And they did not fail. Playing an hourlong set, the band delivered exquisitely eclectic songs that had the crowd singing and dancing.

You could look all over the world, and you would definitely not find musicians like Charlie Winston and his band, who can mix guitars, drums, harmonica, keyboards, bass, and beat boxing, and make it all sound like the most beautiful music you have ever heard.

Charlie Winston and Ben Edwards, the harmonica player, embellished the performance with sporadic and killer dance moves, including moonwalks. The peak of their set was their performance of  “My Life as a Duck.” Whether you were a fan or not, every soul in the venue was singing, “I know everything about you, your father was a duck,” while Charlie Winston himself jumped off stage and over the railing, and joined the crowd in a collective sing along.

After Charlie Winston, a 45-minute wait for Bedouin Soundclash commenced; it was filled with impatient fidgeting, worry over getting a stranger’s spilt beer on my dress, and avoiding the drunk guy who always ended up touching me. All these worries vanished when Jay Malinowski walked on stage, oozing sexiness from every pore.  Bedouin Soundclash had the crowd singing, dancing, jumping, and going crazy after the strumming of Jay’s first chord.  Joined by Eon Sinclair on the bass and their new drummer, Sekou Lumumba, Jay started off their set with an electrified performance of fan favorites like “Gyasi Went Home,” “Walls Fall Down,” “Mountain Top,” “National Water” and “12:59 Lullaby” from all four of their studio albums.

Bedouin’s performance was filled with surprises: an insane drum solo by Lumumba and appearances by guests like Coeur de Pirate and reggae legend Vernon Maytone. Changing guitars throughout the set, Jay put every other guitarist to shame and serenaded the crowd with his undeniably attractive and silky voice, while Sinclair delivered smooth bass lines and Lumumba killed it on the drums. Bedouin finished off their memorable set with a collective sing along to “Stand By Me” and “When The Night Feels My Song,” leaving the euphoric crowd wanting more.

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