“Flipping the page is so passé”

Fashion blogging has been taking cyberspace by storm, becoming the go-to place for all things trendy

fashion related piece by Camille Charca

In 1672, Mercure Galant was the first known fashion publication released in France. Since then, style savvy individuals have been reliant on print magazines, such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazar. However, the evolution of media has introduced a new style forum: the blog.

According to blog search engine, Technorati, there are approximately two million fashion and shopping-related blogs that grace the infinite World Wide Web. The content of these pages vary according to their writers, which include magnums of the fashion industry. Celebrity stylist, Rachel Zoe’s, The Zoe Report, is one of the most popular sources to which people entrust their wardrobes. Offering a free daily newsletter, Zoe has the almighty ability to advertise her favourite clothing and accessories within seconds.

Aside from trending and advertising, there have been other beneficial aspects of blogging. With the easy click of a mouse, fashion updates could immediately be accessed. The anonymous creator of the Tumblr page, Love’sAFunnyThing, proclaimed her love for the instantaneous quality of blogging. “It has a way of keeping you up to date. Magazines are great for overall trends, but they don’t have the specifics, and you can’t expect them to, when the magazine is put together 4 months ahead of time,” she insisted. Runway shows, for instance, could be enjoyed from the front row (compliments of your laptop). Alexander Wang and ACNE were among many designers at this year’s New York Fashion Week to be streamed live on style.com, a collective blog site.

The most socially relevant impact of blogging, however, is the emergence of street style themed pages: accounts of “real” people and their styles. 5 Inch and Up, created by design student, Sandra Hagelstam, is a photo-based blog that flaunts her designs, and fashion favourites.

Hagelstam receives enormous praise, with almost 4,000 followers. Love’sAFunnyThing is surely one of many bloggers following in her footsteps. “I started posting what I was buying, what I like to wear. My blog definitely started as something just for me, but now I have, amazingly enough, close to 2,000 followers,” she explained.

Although fashion aficionados, rather than experts, are the main forces behind street style blogs, their trends are equally on the rise. Buzznet superstar Hannabeth Merjos is a prime example as she is now also promoting her clothing line Sober Is Sexy, along with her original L.A. inspired posts.

With the constant flow of videos, pictures and articles, fashion has become a relatable passion. Blogs about couture, or their cheap counterparts, offer a broader outlook on trends. Whether it Louis Vuitton or Village des Valeurs, the Internet offers a quick and accurate dose of new styles and designers that make fashion a beautiful thing.


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