By Maya Malkin


Name: Kaj Huddart
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Program: Liberal Arts

Kaj’s interests include: drinking good bourbon, small boats, and visiting abandoned industrial sites at night (urban exploring). Kaj had never been on a sports team before and wanted to try it out this semester, so he joined Dawson’s rowing team. “It brings together a good variety of people because it’s such a weird sport.” He enjoys nice spicy curry, and Indian food in general. He used to work at “Le Taj” an Indian food joint on Stanley, however he quit to start rowing. Music is really important to him; he listens to IDM, older hip-hop and dance hall. He’s interested in history, politics, geography, and literature. “I’m in Liberal Arts because it’s the most rigorous education I can get in the kind of things I’m interested in, but I definitely don’t describe myself as a Liberal Arts student.” If you’re eager enough you can find Kaj training with the rowing team at the Olympic basin at 6:15 a.m.!

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