Ongoing at the Warren GGGGGGG

galley opening by Brian Lapuz

Having opened yesterday, one will immidiately notice that the pieces are not the works of a single person.

In fact, they are the those of three of Dawson’s finest, which are to be witnessed until Nov. 20. The common theme is Nova Scotia (all three artists partaking in the exposition happened to have spent their summer in that fair province).

Beacause of their copious size, the most noticeable are the works are that of Harlan Johnson. This Dawson Fine Arts teacher’s works are to be described as seperate items faded onto a colourful background, which serves as a climate for each of his creations, piecing together maps, scripts and quilts, hinting at the history of the Maritimes.

Cara Lessard Cole, third semester Visual Arts student, was present to adore her teacher, David Hall,’s makings. Hall, known to the student for his works in oil on canvas, had some in ink. “I like [Gauntlet]. It’s one that stands out, even where everything else is so colourful,” Cole said. “It’s not clean and that’s what I like about it.”

Not the least are the paintings by Lorraine Simms, the Fine Arts Department’s chairperson. Smoother, lighter and more filling is content. Eyes are a recuring element, said to be those of animals.

This isn’t running as long as most exhibitions. Be sure to visit.


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