Pass the spirit around

Dawson teams up with CTV  for the Spirit of Giving campaign

By Erica Guth

Dawson College is teaming up with CTV this holiday season to collect donations for the Spirit of Giving campaign.

Every year, CTV collaborates with Montreal schools and businesses to collect food and clothes for seven charities. This year, Dawson will be helping support Renaissance Montreal, Park Extension Share Store, Share the Warmth Foundation, Multi-caf, West Island Assistance Fund, Dans La Rue and NDG Food Depot.

Students can donate food, new or gently used clothes, toys, and household items to help out families in need. Although the food drive only started last week, the Christmas tree and donation stand located in the lower Atrium, is already starting to fill up. CTV has also provided Dawson with big baskets to place around the school. 

Every year, Dawson chooses a charity to donate to. This year, they were approached by CTV for this campaign, and decided to get involved.

 “It seems like a great idea to benefit more than just one charity,” Michelle Lee from Student Affairs said. 

Once CTV has finished with their campaign, Student Affairs will continue to collect items until the school closes for the holidays. They will donate to proceeds to the Mile End Mission, which is the charity Dawson has been supporting for the last few years. 

Although the CTV campaign is new, the Dawson community has always been very enthusiastic about helping out those in need during this time of year. “In the years past it has filled up and it’s really heart-warming to see how many people actually do bring in donations,” Lee said.

Students are willing to donate either way, but there are mixed feelings about the fact that this year’s campaign isn’t run by Dawson only. 

“I think it’s cool, but it feels like if Dawson did it on their own, students would get more involved because they would be doing it for their school and not for someone else,” Adelina Padula, a third semester Visual Arts student said. 

Many other students thought it was an interesting idea. “There are people in need everywhere, it doesn’t matter who’s hosting it. People will always be willing to give, especially around this time of year, and the fact that it’s CTV running it will probably help because it’s more interesting,” Alex Mainardi, a third semester Animation student, said.


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