Inspector Dubplate

presented by Dubma$hine

interview By Gabe Gilker


-­Last Friday, Dubma$hine presented the “Filth of November,” flying over Inspector Dubplate all the way in from the UK for his first trip to North America, with Vilify, Risk, Woblz, Orphan and Mad Motherfucking Bass. The last minute venue change was quite unexpected, but that didn’t stop a massive amount of kids ready to party from showing their faces at the indoor beach in the Griffintown Warehouse. There was no shortage of sand, bass and nearly naked people, which made the night that much better. 

At 6:00 a.m. the venue finally cleared out, giving place for Inspector Dubplate to speak.

How do you think your show went tonight?

Inspector Dubplate (I.D.): Honestly, I think we’re a bit too high up [the DJ booth] to really realize how the crowd reacted. There’s a lot of sand here though, if there’s sand here it means it’s good right? There is a lot of sand here — like a lot. I would say on a grain ratio, that is grains of sand human ratio it’s about 2,000 grains per person.

How did you get into DJing?

I.D.: Well. I like music. And I like money. I don’t like airplanes and jet lag, but no, no, seriously, I’ve always been deeply into music, so it was the next step for me to try and mix. I only started in February.

What’s a super yachts?

I.D.: You know what a yacht is? Imagine super. Put the word super infront of something and pfffft. 

What’s your favourite flavour of ice cream? 

I.D.: My favourite tune by Skream. But no, my favourite flavour of ice cream… I hear in Tokyo they have charcoal flavoured ice cream which I really want to try.

It’s your first time in Canada, how do you like us? 

I.D.: Yeah it’s cool. I went to America last night, it was a really small studio event and everyone was just fucked up. Like tonight I think everyone here was on drugs… like most people were on drugs. In the UK you don’t get that. But I think last night people were on the drugs, I mean other way around. The drugs were the people. So America was good, but tonight smashed it completely. I was only supposed to play for an hour, but I don’t have a stop watch or anything, so I played for 2 hours. I ran out of mixes. The set up was shit though, the whole sound system was 20-feet below you, so you couldn’t really hear. And you had one monitor on the wrong side. But no, no it was cool. 

Are these all serious questions?

When I did my interview with Borgore I asked him “If you had to have sex with one brand of car to stop your family from getting HIV, what brand would that be and why?” 

What did you answer?

I.D.: I said Volvo, because you know what you’re getting in for. There’s no expectations.

Do you have any parting words for Canada, and Montreal in particular?

I.D.: Well I’m not leaving until tomorrow.

Well then for tonight?

I.D.: Well, where do we go next? Hello and goodbye? Canada is the best, Canada is the best, and I still have five dollars so I’m going to go see what I can do with this five dollars.


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