Eyes on the DSU

The DSU held their weekly meeting and discussed student activities

By Elise Favis

Dawson’s Student Union (DSU) held a meeting last Monday which covered topics such as the upcoming Multicultural Food Fair, the adjustments to the 2011-2012 academic calendar, and the tuition fee campaign.

The discussion began with their plans for the Multicultural Food Fair, taking place this semester during holiday season. 

“We’ve been working in conjunction with student affairs on a multicultural week,” Amanda Arella, Deputy Chairperson, said. “It’s been decided that our clubs will be participating in the food fair.”

All proceeds from the Food Fair will be given to the Mercy Project, a non-profit organisation based in Montreal that aids third world countries, primarily Uganda.

All of the executives were in favour of the event.

Next, the Academic Calendar for the school year 2011-2012 was reviewed, now with a newer version than the last.  

 “It’s pretty similar to what we did with this year’s academic calendar,” Madison Mcleod, Director of Academic Affairs and Advocacy said. “[The new calendar] seems very functional.”

Treasurer Michaël Lessard proposed the possibility of having a week off for students during the fall. “The spring break is a time to have fun and do some work,” he said. “I think we should have this [type of break] in the fall too. It’s done in other CEGEPs, and as I see it, it’s pretty useful.” 

The Union then went into a ‘committee of the whole,’ which means all members can speak freely without the usual formalities, to discuss the tuition fee campaign.

The debate ranged from how highly they should prioritize this new provincial-run campaign, and if they should merge it with Education is a Right, a federal-run tuition campaign that the Union has been advocating this semester.

“Our role to our students is to protect their rights,” Lessard said.

“I think this campaign is incredibly important,” Arella said. “It’s something we should focus a considerable amount of time to.”

She then added, “But, I think all our campaigns are important, and I don’t think we should be putting those on hold either.”

Finally, it was decided that classroom speeches, a trip to Quebec City, and posters, will all be organized for the new campaign, which will be collaborated with Education is a Right. 

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