Ed-Montpetit shut down

AAA Men’s basketball team defeat Lynx 88-64

By Katrina Tortorici

It was hardly a struggle for the Blues to take the win at a home game on Sunday, Nov 7 against Edouard-Montpetit.

The Dawson AAA Men won by a 23-point margin and kept a similar lead throughout the game, making it difficult for the Lynx to take a breather.

“We won by a big margin but we still weren’t good enough; we could play a whole lot better,” Blues Coach, Wayne Yearwood, said after the game.

The Blues did not let up and pushed until the very end, regardless of their easy win; numerous shots were intercepted and it was not even five minutes into the game when the scoreboard read that the Blues were up by six points, getting the Lynx to wake up.

Ed-Montpetit took over the court for several minutes, catching up to a three-point difference. But after Yearwood called a time-out with just 2:34 left in the first quarter, it was a turnover for the Blues, who sunk basket after basket until that close three-point difference became ancient history.

The Lynx continued to put up a fight, as they gained back some momentum with just a minute left in the first quarter. The team planned a careful play in the last few seconds of the quarter, which ended with a bang when Blues player, Kurt Caro, intercepted a pass from the opposing team and swept passed the startled players, performing a final lay-up and dunking it straight into the hoop. The crowd cheered, and then the real game began.

The pace of the game hastened in the second quarter, as Blues kept a 10 point lead after the first few minutes. Brian Ofori, who scored 17 of the 88 points in the whole game, was one of the stars of the second and third quarter. Ofori never ceased to take the ball to the net as he dunked, rebounded, and intercepted passes every chance he got.

Halftime ended with a score of 43-28 for the Blues, and although the Lynx made the first basket in the third quarter, they still finished off 23 points behind.

“[The strategy was to] play hard, play the game, run the floor, keep putting pressure, and keep the offense going,” Coach Yearwood revealed.

Junior Fequire steered Dawson towards the win with an impressive 21 points. The player with the most points in the game, however, was the Lynx’s Samy Aissa, who finished with 22 points. With a final score of 88-64, Dawson Blues prepare themselves for a similar victory against John Abott College on Friday.

“It’s going to be a much tougher game.”


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