Dawson’s women’s rugby team decimate Champlain-Lennoxville and book a ticket to the provincials

By Maya Malkin

Dawson’s women’s rugby team destroyed Champlain-Lennoxville in the semi-finals with an outrageous 84-0 final score.

The game started at 3:30 at the Concordia field and five minutes in, Dawson was already dominating their way across the field.

The girls were rough, tough, and showing no mercy to the Cougars. “It was awesome! We worked as a team. It’s a big step towards our finals,” Darcy Largan said.

There were clean passes between Dawson players constantly throughout the game and there were no dropped balls. 

Bianca Forella, a prospective university star, was running hard, and controlling offense amazingly. She ran the team to victory with her speed, and dodging abilities. She was even referred to as a gazelle by someone in the stands. Forella scored the majority of the points earned by the Blues. 

Halfway through the game the Cougars were getting frustrated and the Dawson girls were taking hard hits, good tackles and faced forceful scrums. The Cougars were trying their hardest to gain momentum but could barely make it past the middle of the field before Dawson conquered the ball again.

“I think they were intimidated by us but they didn’t stop trying which I respect,” team captain Chloe Nudo said.

“They put up a good fight, they played the whole game, never let us get away with anything, we had to earn everything we did,” Jocelyn Barrieau, head coach of the Blues said.

Dawson player, Amanda Lepore, who had been getting beaten around the field early on in the game, managed to redeem her poor play when she scored while being tackled an hour in to the match.

“I think it went really well, a lot of people had some great performances, but we definitely have lots more to work on,” Barrieau said.

Dawson will be taking on John-Abbott in the women’s rugby finals. “It will definitely be a different story come next week,” Largan said.

“We got a chance to work on what we wanted to improve. We didn’t give up no matter what the score was,” Nudo said.


One response to “COUGARS GET RUCK’D

  1. Shame shame running up the score, ridiculous celebration when they were already up by 60 points. It does very little for Dawson’s already strained reputation

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