Californian metalcore band takes on the Metropolis

Endless Hallway, Chiodos, Architects UK, and Bless the Fall played with headlining band Atreyu in Montreal

concert review by elise favis

The concert was probably the longest I have ever been to. It began at 6:30 p.m. and ended around 11:45 p.m. on Nov. 3.

I went to the concert thinking I’d see mostly Atreyu. What I got instead was three and a half hours of opening bands that I had never heard of at Metropolis. Atreyu only performed by the fourth hour – much longer than I had anticipated on staying. Although the length was unexpected, I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a highly enjoyable time.

The first band, Endless Hallway, had a decent performance. The crowd was still small at this point, barely filling up half the room. Endless Hallway’s performance was not in the least what the audience expected, unless one knew the band’s genre beforehand. They were the misfit in this series of bands, with music that was post-hardcore pop; more punk than metal. We wanted violently shrill screams and insane drumming, not Radiohead influences. It felt too soft in this environment.

Architects UK, the next performers, were what we were eagerly waiting for. They managed to pull off some energetic beats and disturbingly loud vocals which shattered the eardrums of all present. The crowd obeyed without hesitation when instructed to “be fucking crazy!” as the lead singer put it.

 The room transformed into a whirlwind of emotions. I think someone’s elbow and back went into my face a couple times too many. 

The band succeeded on creating a total rampage of chaos in the crowd. Most of us were suffering from bruises and our feet were covered with sores, but the performance was to die for.

“The room smells like fucking marijuana,” screamed the vocalist of Architects. 

The last two opening bands, Chiodos and Bless the Fall, also showcased great talent. The crowd was larger, but less energetic at this point. We were either too exhausted or too eager for Atreyu by now. Bless the Fall threw beach balls into the audience, which bounced around from one end of the room to the other, sailing through the crowd by the push of hands.

The crowd was growing now, and the main event was soon to be shown. Excitement was easily sensed through the audience.

The lights dimmed for the last time, hands swung into the air, and fingers formed into the rock sign of bull horns. Atreyu’s entrance was embraced by ear-splitting screams from the impatient fans. They opened with “Stop! Before It’s Too Late” and “We’ve Destroyed It All,” a hit song from their lastest album Congregation of the Damned, released last year. The audience reacted with lyrical playbacks of the chorus, and eager fist pumps through the air. 

 “You guys are the best audience we’ve had so far on this tour,” screamed vocalist Alex Varkatzas. But his voice soon drowned in the ever-growing roar of fans.

Popular songs from their previous albums, such as “Lip Gloss and Black” and “Becoming the Bull,” also received optimistic reception from the crowd.

The beauty of the concert truly originated from the audience. Even during some of the intermissions, mosh pits would form just for the hell of it, and fans would sing along to well-known songs playing on the stereo as they waited.

The concert was excessively long, but managed to pull through due to the energy and passionate crowd. It was without a doubt one of the craziest concerts I have attended. Fans were never still for a moment, always eager to challenge the bands’ volume with their own voices. We were all pumped by the tunes and struck by adrenaline to remember our manners and responsibilities.

Wow, what a night.

Atreyu last appeared in Montreal during the Heavy MTL festival this past summer.


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