We are the champions my friends

The Blues defeat François-Xavier Garneau in a close game to become provincials Champions

By Johnathan Feist

Dawson Men’s AAA Soccer team became provincial champions last Sunday by beating F.X. Garneau 1-0 in Ste-Thérèse after a shootout win in the semi-final 4-3 versus Champlain (after a 0-0 tie).

It was a difficult win for the Blues, but good passing up-field allowed Eduardo Mazzona and Danilo Pessoa to assist the game’s M.V.P. Felipe Costa de Souza in scoring in the 15 minute and putting Dawson up 1-0 for the remainder of the game.

The F.X.Garneau Élans scored a goal off a free kick in the 49 minute, but the goal was ruled offside and the score remained 1-0 for Dawson.

Dawson won against the Élans two weeks prior, with a score of 4-3, and became the first team in the league to beat them.

Blues forward Danilo Pessoa got the crowd to their feet when he attempted a bicycle kick that nearly got past Élans’ goalie with 15 minutes to play in the game.
Blues midfield Edward Antwi received his second yellow card of the game with 2:30 remaining in regular time after a slide tackle, and was ejected from the game.

“The other player was on a breakaway so he took a good yellow. It didn’t change the game because there was less than five minutes left so it was a good tackle,” said Pessoa.

Antwi will be forced to sit out the first game of the National Finals tournament in Edmonton.

The Élans’ goalie won the most valuable player award for their team. With this win, the Blues will be advancing to the National finals in Edmonton. Dawson College has never won the national championships.

“The objective at the beginning of the season was to get to national championships. It wasn’t always easy, there were plenty of obstacles along the way, but the objective was obtained so we have to consider it a successful season,” said head coach Marco Masucci.

“I personally think we’ll finish first. I think we all feel that way [laughs],” said Pessoa.

“What the players need to understand, is that it’s a completely different level of playing [the National Championships],” said coach Masucci.  “The team did something great here and something that hasn’t been done at Dawson in many years, but to win a national championship is something completely different. Confidence it good, we’re preparing to win but I think everyone understands that the effort to be invested is at a completely different level,” he said.


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