The Invaluables

“Yeah, well, you know, that’s just like, your opinion, man.” – The Big Lebowski

By Lana Belber

Glasser, Twin Shadow and Bonjay do Il Motore

This upcoming Wednesday, Nov. 10, experimental electro-pop breakout act Cameron Mesirow, better known as Glasser, will be playing at Il Motore joined by Twin Shadow and Bonjay.

Based out of New York, Mesirow is touring in support of her much talked about debut album, Ring. Although parallels can be drawn between Glasser and acts such as Zola Jesus and Bat for Lashes, she has managed to secure a distinct place for herself amongst the wave of artists following a similar model.

Mesirow’s music is at once trippy, tribal, synthy and acoustic. Her ability to craftily combine a whole array of diverse influences that finally culminate into a veritably good pop song gives her great potential for wide appeal. Both serving as good examples of Mesirow’s sound, “Apply” and “Home” are two of the must-hear tracks on Ring, the former escalating into a big jungle banger and the latter featuring xylophone, claps and enticing harmonies.

Supporting Glasser, Brooklyn’s New Wave pop architect George Lewis, or Twin Shadow, brings his album Forget, seemingly straight out of the 80’s, to Il Motore. Produced by Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor, the album is a mix of mellowed cool on one hand (see “Tyrant Destroyed”), and upbeat auditory blur on the other (see “When We’re Dancing”), accompanied by Lewis’ nonchalant vocals. Forget made it onto Pitchfork’s Best New Music and will certainly be crawling its way into more ears as the new year comes.

Finally, Toronto’s electric R&B duo, last here for Pop Montreal, will again be gracing one of the city’s concert stages. Their smartly put together tracks, off of their album Broughtupsy, feature Alanna’s strong vocals and Pho’s innovative beats that blend dancehall, soul, indie and essentially whatever else will get people moving.

“Shotta” is a masterfully executed blend of some of the best current genres, while “Faat Gyal” is a reggae-infused dancehall tune that gets progressively better as it goes on, ostensibly evolving from one song to another. Bonjay’s cover of Caribou’s “Jamelia” is one not to be missed; it showcases Alanna’s versatile voice that pulls off sedated ease and soulful belting of the refrain with equal success.

The show’s roster features an extremely danceable line-up so strong that any of the three could conceivably have been the headlining act. The Il Motore gig is one not to miss for the month, and is sure to be great fun, and a great showcase of what emerging styles have to offer.

Tickets are $15 and are available online through Blue Skies Turn Black and at Atom Heart and Phonopolis.


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