Suprising turn out at DSU’s General Assembly

A great turn out of students made the DSU’s General Assembly go smoothly

By Carl Perks

Crowds of unionized students poured into Dawson’s third floor cafeteria last Thursday, greatly surpassing the previously unattainable quorum for the DSU’s (Dawson Student Union) bi-yearly General Assembly and making first steps towards collegiate involvement within their representing body.

The meeting, attended by a total of 120 students and chaired by Mathieu Murphy Perron, Executive Director of the DSU, dealt with the ratification of the last meeting’s minutes, the ratification of this year’s budget and some changes within the union’s constitution.

The executives were very impressed at the attendee’s participation within the swiftness of the meeting. ‘‘[The student turnout] is the best in the last 30 years of the DSU,’’ Ariel Charney, Chairperson of the DSU said. “Student support this year is pretty great and we hope to continue this level of student involvement throughought the rest of the year.’’

Many of the students present had questions about the budget but they were all answered thoroughly and with attention by Michael Lessard, Treasurer of the DSU.

All three motions presented at the meeting were passed with haste, cutting the duration of the meeting to approximately 15 minutes. Flint Deita, an eighth semester CRLT student, commented on the reason for the fluidity of the event: ‘‘Most of the motions were purely bureaucratic, there was nothing controversial or debatable.’’

‘‘The meeting went really smoothly,’’ Charney said. The reaching of quorum and the general participation of students is due to the DSU’s decision to make it mandatory for all clubs to send six students in attendance to all general assemblies. ‘‘Requesting clubs’ attendance is definitely a good way of spreading the word to other students.’’

If not present at the meeting, any unionized student may pick up a copy of the DSU constitution or budget at the union’s office (2F.2). The minutes of the meeting, on the other hand, may only be viewed after they will be ratified at the next General Assembly.


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