Student life enhancement

Special Project Funding is money available to improve student life

By Rebecca Phaneuf-Thibault

For the third year in a row, the Dawson Student Union (DSU) has a section of their budget called : The Special Project funding, $25,000 available to Dawson students with ideas to vamp-up student life.

“Mostly clubs apply for extra funding through this process and that’s okay but the idea is to allow individuals with ideas an opportunity to concretize it,” Mathieu Murphy-Perron, DSU Executive Director, said.

About $8,000 has been distributed amongst Dawson students so far this year.
One-thousand five hundred fifty-five dollars was allowed to the club Med and Social Justice executers, Arielle Elkrief and Victoria Schoucla, for their project of building a school in Uganda.

“It’s really cool, because we’re not giving them funding that they are just putting directly in their savings for this project, we’re giving them money so they can afford their fundraising campaign and have net profits from their work. It’s not easy money,” Michaël Lessard, the DSU treasurer said.

They are organizing an exhibition and a celebration benefit on Nov. 17-18, an African Celebration at Il Motore the Nov. 18, and an on-going exhibition on the third floor cafeteria that you can check out between Oct. 10 and Nov. 20.

Fifteen hundred dollars went to Montré’arts who aims to promote CEGEP student with artistic talents in literature, dance, music, theater/improv, and visual arts through a website. They advertise through social networks with video capsules that redirect viewers to the website and promotional CDs to be distributed in CEGEPs. It features 12-15 Montré’arts artists, including Mango Mango.

“It’s really going to clash with the other source of media right now, we want this to represent cegepian talent by being innovative,” Lessard said.

One thousand dollars was given to the Sustainable Garden Club for their Peace Garden project on Dawson’s campus. They are estimating their total project to cost $250, 000 but the project is launched and they are starting their fundraising.

Seven hundred fifty dollars went to the Afghan Club for Eid-Qurban, an event to promote Afghan culture with music, food, dancing, comedy shows, etc. on Nov. 20.

Another $750 was allowed to the Musulman Student Association for a similar event that occurred on Sept. 18.

Eight hundred dollars went to Inter Varsity, Dawson Christian fellowship for their fall retreat. With that budget they are lowering the fees from $90 to $50 for the participants.

Five-hundred dollars went to New School for their musical version of the Spring Awakening, a play banned in the 19th century in Germany for it’s taboo themes such as, homosexuality, rape, suicide, masturbation, etc.

Furthermore, six hundred dollars, with a possibility of being doubled was given to the InterCEGEP theater club. They are setting up a bilingual version of Romeo and Juliet with students from Dawson and Marianopolis, which will be playing Jan. 19-20-21.

Finally, $400 was elected to Stephanie Coptince, who studies Communication to launch ‘E-journal’s’ an online student newspaper.

If you have an idea that you wish you’d have financial support for that could benefit the greater Dawson community, why not take advantage of this? You have nothing to lose, all you have to do is get informed at the DSU office and apply. You may be part of the next budget allocations. The next deadline for project submissions is Jan. 20.

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