Snarky Puppy

“At times jazzy, at times funky, always groovy and usually dancy…”

By Jonathan Feist

“In a crazy, twisted way, Snarky Puppy plays dance music. It’s also art music. I suppose it’s just music.”

This quote from the band’s website is just one way of putting the out-of-control set they played last Thursday and Friday at the Consulat.

At times jazzy, at times funky, always groovy and usually dancy, this half Brooklyn, half Texas band played an un-compromised set that got the crowd excited and shouting for more.

Brought in to Montreal in association with Kalmunity Vibe Collective, this seven, at times nine,-piece band covered lots of ground in many musical domains with groovy melodies and heavy beats to deliver an extensive two-part, two-night experience.

Led by very dedicated musicians, two of which have Grammy awards, Snarky Puppy played with a lot of energy and proved their reputation of “trying to fit 20 pounds of… whatever it may be, into a 10 pound bag.”

Snarky Puppy is an all-out collective of extremely talented musicians who seem to play the right things at the right time and made it work wondrously.
“Snarky was a funky-fusion fist full of full-time fun!” Vanier music student Zachary Scholes said. “They had heavy grooves and the sweetest solos. They were as groovy as it gets!”

To best capture the full nature of this original band, Snarky Puppy’s collective insanity recently recorded their fourth studio album in front of a live, in-studio audience, and captured it all on an accompanying DVD, entitled Tell Your Friends.

It is hard to ponder as to what is, exactly, the essence of Snarky Puppy. That’s why they have relied so heavily on word-of-mouth to get their sound out to the world. And those who hear them have no choice but to “tell their friends.”

The show was opened by the Zach Brock trio, who played a mix of funk and rock.
“Zach Brock can play the violin like the guitar and wails better than most guitar players,” Scholes said. “It was the perfect opener for Snarky.”


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