PG Halloween party

Dawson held their annual Halloween party and costume contest for students

By Erica Guth

Student Affairs teamed up with the Community Recreation Leadership Training (CRLT) students to put on Dawson’s annual Halloween party last Friday.

Students could go and support Dans La Rue by participating in various contests in the third-floor cafeteria. There were also booths lining the room offering everything from Halloween-themed baked goods to Tarot readings.

The most popular contest of the day was the costume contest, in which almost 70 people participated. First prize went to the Trojan man, and the runners up were DeadMau5 and a freaky clown. “It was the best costume contest we’ve held,” Mary Di Liello, Recreation Technician for Students Affairs, said.

Later on in the day, the room started to empty. Many of the students working the booths felt that the change of location from Conrod’s to the cafeteria was the problem because of the smaller flow of traffic on the third floor.

“I think it went well during the costume contest. Usually it’s in Conrod’s, and it seems that this might be too big. Although the event was well advertised, people don’t necessarily read the signs and less people walk by here,” Michelle Creely, from Student Affairs, said.

The low turnout didn’t seem to dampen the CRLT student’s spirits. Anastasia Karounis, a fifth semester CRLT student, had been working on the decorating and planning for weeks and seemed pleased at how the event was going.

“We hoped for the best and made sure that the people who did come had a blast, so that they would talk about [the event] and come back next year,” Karounis said.

The people who did attend seemed to be enjoying themselves. The face painting booth was very popular, the most popular requests being zombies and skulls. The Tragic Sam booth was one of the more interesting tables since participants had to stick their hands into different bins and identify which part of “Sam” they were touching.

There were many students who got in touch with their artistic side. There was pumpkin painting, caricatures and spooky portraits. There was also a crew of Dawson photography students available to take pictures of people in their costumes.

The DJs from Dawson Radio got a chance to run their show from the cafeteria during the party. The cafeteria was decked out in a tombstone-covered catwalk, inflatable ghosts, pumpkin, bat and cat cut-outs, creepy masks and much more.

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